Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Just say NO NO NO Sotomayer!

Congress: it is a no-brainer. Sotomayer has already made it plain she intends to judge by the color of one's skin and the outside-of-U.S.-status of the participants of the cases before her. In other words, she has made it plain that she would not follow the written laws of the US but her emotions and feelings of her past. That is not the basis for any Judge to be on any bench! Get a grip on reality please for the sake of the nation. Judges who decide cases based upon the poverty of one's childhood or the fact that the father abandoned the family [single-parenthood] are social-workers not judges. Judges are supposed to treat all equally in the law.
And don't be deceived by what the American Bar ASSN wants because they are looking out for themselves not the American public. They are one of the most liberal and most selfish group of people in the U.S.

And while you are thinking on this. Remember she was picked by Obama a man who snubbed the President of France so he could sightsee Paris and eat out with his wife. And a man whose wife launched herself onto the Queen of England. Protocol is not big with those Obama people so why trust who he would pick for Supreme Court. Get a selection based upon the knowledge and applications of the written laws not where one grew up or what condition they lived in as children, or what minority they belong too. Picking candidates solely because they are of a particular ethnic group is racism is it not? Or it was when the ethnic group is white; or at least that was the previous Supreme Court decision before the most recent one of allowing skills based testing to decide who is qualified for firefighters. Maybe the tide is turning but I say no Sotomayer! She is not qualified because she has already said repeatedly that she would be ruling based upon her past not upon the written laws of the US Constitution.
/s/ Gloria Poole @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 7;17pm, 7-July-2009


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