Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Con_Man Obama Spinning his internet take-over??

I read in the news that the latest PR spin from the White House is that they are trying to convince the U S that North Korea 'attacked' the government computers. I say HOGWASH. North Korea made it plain that IF it attacks the U S it will be with missiles not computer viruses. But of course the crashed government computers could be that they fell into their own trap they set for the prolifers?? What say ye? In the Obama-maniac-fervor of fools and prodeathers, who try to censor every word and web site of prolifers and in doing so sent massive computer-jamming electricity to jam the computers of those who would oppose Obama while not realizing that certain elements of the US government while spying illegally on the citizens were connected to the computers of certain citizens and also received the electrical-jamming-to-fry-computers currents sent from Pentagon to fry the computer of Republicans and prolifers. I think that is the real reason if there is an outage of government computers and not North Korea. Of course North Korea could have caught U S government spies spying on them and set up a 'roadblock' on the worldwide web that caught certain elements of U S government computers.
It is no secret that Obama does not like negative press and that he 'jury-rigs' it to make it appear always as if he knows the answers by giving the questions to the planted-in-his-audience-press-and then answering the decided before-hand question. It is also no secret that Obama's goals for the nation is a complete socialist takeover of everything: transportation, communications, internet, manufacturing, health care. And what about his plan to take from the elderly and disabled who depend upon Medicare to give to the abie-bodied and twenty-something wage-earners? His priorities are straight from the Communist Manifesto, which of course is why the Russian people were not very 'enchanted' with him. They know a despot when they see one probably.
In the first 100 days of the Obama machinery the U S has become more indebted to more countries than at any time in its history; it has indebted the future of all generations probably for the next 100 YEARS, and it has not stopped siphoning off the funds from families and households to give more spending money to the Obamas to travel the world for $10 MILLION two week vacations in places like Hawaii. How does a family of four spend $10 million dollars on a two week vacation? I did not think that is possible to do unless they bought one of the islands there. Who could wear $10 million of clothes or eat $10 million in food in two weeks time?
Tax and spend communist 'reform' of government being served up in Congress --don't be fooled by the P R spin .
/s/ Gloria Poole, @ Denver Colorado 80203 @ 10:33AM 8-July-2009
Update at 10:48 AM after reading another article that the NY Stock Exchange was also supposedly 'hacked' into. Well that raises another scenario that is very likely. That the US financial "meltdown' that was really one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated on the U S public through the NY Stock Exchange and every stock exchange--they are all run by computers-- was funneling money into those Swiss USB bank accounts from all those crooks on Wall Street; and now the good guys sort of figured that out and are trying to get at those billions that Madoff embezzled, and GM embezzled, and Citibank embezzled and the computer-gurus behind that wizardry to take via internet accounts siphoned off, and the crooks figured out that the ocmputer code was going to fry their behinds in Court and they 'fried' their own computers to conceal their crimes. I think that is much more likely the cause than North Korea. I suspect that IF North Korea decided to take out every computer in America they could do it easily and it would be in one fell swoop --that they would not play at it. Why would they? They would have to do it so effectively that no person in the government could communicate with any other person in any government anywhere or with any Press agency. In other words, it would be totally foolish for North Korea to half do a computer attack on the US and on the NY Stock Exchange since that would also hurt them through the ripple effect of the flow of money around the world. Oh no, I am sure that if North Korea decided to attack the US it would be so devastating to the US that it would take decades to recover from. The Bible says in Revelation that GOD will raise up a country from the north where the soldiers are on horse-back and that HE will destroy 1/3 of the world's population through Armageddon. I think if North Korea starts a way in retaliation to that fool Hillary Clinton's provoking them, it will lead to Armageddon.
/s/ Gloria Poole


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