Thursday, June 04, 2009

Republicans, stop pandering to catholic church

I read in the google news about how the Republicans are looking for some way to not vote for a racist woman who believes she is superior to others because she is hispanic. I have a great idea--why not apply the U S Constitution rules? If she was born to Peurto Rican parents she is not a citizen since Peurto Rico is not a state in this union of states. And the entire idea of nine justices on the Supreme Court was to faciliate diversity.What is diverse about six of nine justices all of the same cult of catholicism? How about getting someone on that Court who believes there is a GOD and it is not the pope-man. Pimping for the catholic church is not supposed to be the role of the US Senate though the nation knows there are some prominent idolators in the U S Senate.
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist, Denver CO 80203 @ 11:01 AM, June 4th,2009.
Also I am sure some readers will say I am racist since they have before but view these websites of mine before deciding:
and others.And they are always DECENT paintings that I paint, so not to worry.
Also, I read in the news about the Air France plane that plummeted to sea either in two halves or intact, and I wonder why does no airline company ask the obvious questions like what was the plane's internet connection to the Tower and what operating system on board and what interference from other nations like the U S Pentagon occurred at same time? Because I know for certain that the U S government Pentagon has the power to knock a plane out of the sky with what is called 'radar jamming ' and that they employ that method when they have whom they consider political opponents on board. I noticed in the news that one of those who died on board that plane was into computer technology. What is his connection to Obama and Obama's newest socialist plan to take over the web? And what did he know about Obama and his connection to the Chicago corrupt politicians and when did he know it? And what was the motive for the government to jam the radar flying equipment of the plane? And what were the practices of the medical doctors who died --abortionists by any chance? And what did they know about Obama's connection to Planned Unparenthood that gave billions to get him elected? And what were the political ties of those onboard? And who were their enemies?
I know many planes have crashed and I think there is a connection between those events and I think when the airlines start asking the right questions of the right agencies they will begin to connect the dots so to speak to piece together what really happened, time after time.


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