Sunday, June 28, 2009

NO NO NO Sotomayer! NO more rewriting US Const

I read the headlines in the news this am that said audaciously that 'most Americans wanted Sotomayer'and I disagree with that statement because I do not want Judges rewriting the U S Constitution by themselves. And here are my questions:
1) where did they get that information --paid for the catholic Kennedys, or paid for by the socialist party of Obama, or paid for by the BIG BIOTECH-Killed-baby-processing plants?? Where?
2) what methodology was used to write that as a news story and which op-ed editor secretly wrote it and where does he or she really work? Write for as in a paid job?
3) What process did they use to arrive at that proclamation and forerunner of edict from "King' Obama?
4) Who did they poll, when and what questions were asked?
5) Did they poll US citizens or so-called undocumented aliens to America?
6) Did they poll only those in favor of killing of innocents as a so-called right?
7) Did they ask for their political affiliations?
8)Did they ask if they had received contributions, or donations, or 'gifts' to answer a particular way?
9) Were they registered voters?
And here are my reasons for NOT wanting a Sotomayer on the Supreme Court:
1) she is yet another catholic and their idealogy is not Biblical and they are pantheistic.
2) she has clearly stated that she believes that hispanic women are superior to all other classes of people;
3) she has clearly stated that she intends to make decisions based upon her past not upon the written laws of the nation;
4) she has indicated clearly and repeatedly that she believes that poverty or bad circumstances for anyone growing up, justify the outcomes she wants to give them if they show up in her court; thereby effectively neutering the written laws;
5) she has been reported to be difficult to get along even for her staff;
6) she is not the only so-called qualified woman in America and she is not the only 'choice' though of course no one is deceived-- she was picked by Obama beause she is not prolife;
7) what the catholics want for America is not necessarily what is best for America but their goals are most likely what is best for the catholic church.
The Catholic church is trying to legalise sodomy because they think it will reduce their out of pocket expenses buying off all those sodomized children. But is facilating the goals of the wicked the duties of Congress? I say: NOT.
This nation cannot allow those who believe that hard times growing up empowers them to rewrite the US Constitution or the amendments to it, all by themselves. There is a process in this nation for changing the public laws and it is NOT supposed to be through, via the Supreme Court. The only entity allowed to make, create new laws for the public is the Congress and even they cannot rewrite the US Constitution including the right to life without getting ratification by 2/3 of the States.
So Sotomayer is not the next 'saviour' of America though I am sure that Planned Unparenthood sees her wishy washy pretending but hard-core feminism as being the 'saviour' of their baby-killing machinery and illegal immoral activities and their ticket to bypass the RICO act being used against them for that whole elaborate propaganda machinery that facilitates, promotes, advocates for, pays for the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb.
8) Also I am opposed always to secretive government 'agreements' amongst U S Senators and potential Justices on the Supreme Court. All hearings and all words spoken concerning confirmation and hopefully not confirmation hearings on any person, for any position, should be in the public record,i.e. the transcript of proceedings in Congress and not behind closed doors of a 'you scratch my back I'll scratch yours' sort of illegal alliances between the Senate and the Supreme Court. Vote NO to secretive government proceedings!
I say NO NO NO NO NO to Sotomayer.. Find a PROLIFER Justice and one who believes that there is ONE GOD and ONE LORD over all and it is not Obama or the pope.
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist, Denver Colorado 80203; @ 12:27 PM 28-June-2009.
And if you need more reason to vote NO to another catholic, I will give you a clear and convincing one. I live in a building managed by catholics and they gave me an ultimatum to sell my car or they would confiscate it without due process and without legal authority. Since I did not have the time to mount a legal challenge to that ultimatum delivered with a week's notice I sold it for a pittance but at least I did not have to give it to the catholics running this building for DHA. They are typical of catholics since all of them I have encountered in Colorado in the six years I have lived here tend to believe that they can lie, cheat, steal, swindle and kill if need be to get what they want. They are like that Jezebel in the Bible who murdered a man to get his property. I have also endured violent attacks against me by another catholic my second exhusband who being true to his false doctrine religion believes he is also 'entitled' to kill, plunder, loot,destroy and maim as long as he robs people because he believes the 'good thief' goes to heaven since he was taught that by catholics.
NO MORE CATHOLICS in high places! There are already too many of them in place and the US has almost ended because of it. The idolators of Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy and the four of them on Supreme Court have nearly destroyed the nation and they have bailed those who robbed, swindled, cheated embezzled and destroyed.Get someone on the Supreme Court who believes there is a GOD and ONLY ONE GOD and that HE reigns over all, and that HE has Commandments. [see John 10:30 King James Holy Bible which is written JESUS said, " I and MY FATHER [GOD] are ONE'. }
IF you don't know the commandments you could read them here:
And also read the info on these pages:

And my profile for newsforlife at:
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