Thursday, June 18, 2009

Feinstein Prodeather says Sotomayer prodeather

In the Yahoo News tonight is reported that Diane Feinstein radical prodeather from the State of godless California says that Sotomayer is acceptable to her brand of law of lawless merciless murder of innocents in the womb. She did not say that in so many words of course but she did say that Sotomayer will go with the 'precedent' of Roe V Wade instead of the written US Constitution and Amendments. These not-United States does not need any more lawless Judges on any bench! If Sotomayer has no intention of following the written agreed upon, ratified U S Constitution and Amendments then vote NO SOTOMAYER.

And remember this: 'precedent ' is a loosy-goosy term --undefined and totally elastic. Which precedent would she follow? The slave-owning right of 1776-1845? Or the precedent of killing Jews for pleasure? Or the precedent of hanging black men ? Or the precedent of raping white women in Indian territory? Or the precedent of pedophilia the catholics are trying to establish as a so-called 'right'? But of course we all know Feinstein puppet of Planned Unparenthood means the precedent of killing innocents in the womb. If GOD would do this nation a favor and get rid of all the prodeathers in power and all the reprobate abominations in power and somehow through the love of GOD put people in high places with respect for the laws of GOD, this nation would be saved from destruction.
/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N. and artist, Denver Colorado 80203 @ 5:19 PM 18-June-2009


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