Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Defeat Sotomayer by replaying her words to Senate

According to the Concerned Women of America in a newsletter to my email today Sotomayer said,
“Whether born from experience or inherent physiological or cultural differences our gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging.”
And then substitute in those words but put in your nationality and then when discussing this topic say as I would have to say by following a Sotomayer example, that because of being a white woman Christian I am going to rule in favor of all white women and Christians and disregard the written laws. And for you Jews on the High Court say because of being Jewish you are going to rule in favor of all Jews. And you Muslims says because of being Muslim I am going to rule in favor of all Muslims, and you black ethnic races say because of being black I am going to rule in favor of all blacks. And then see what the nation's reaction is. The fact that some of the Press is trying to smooth over her entire attitude toward life as if somehow that won't affect her decisions is unreasonable. OF COURSE her attitude will affect her decisions but the facts of the matter are is that the 14th Amendment supposedly guarantees to all equal treatment in a Court of law. If Sotomayer is going into any court room with the already made up mind that Hispanic people are superior to all other races, then how could she be fair in her judgements when she has already said that she would make a better decision [in favor of hispanics ?? presumably] and when she has already told Senators she would 'follow precedent' instead of the written
U S Constitution?
The U S Senate is not the stamp of approval of all bad decisions of the President but instead are supposed to be the counter-balance to bad decisions--that checkmate system to prevent national calamity. Of course we the people of this nation have not witnessed that to be the case in our life times to this point but instead the yes men and women of the evil groups like Planned Unparenthood Socialist Tactic of eliminating the masses.
Just vote NO Sotomayer or better yet insist on a better candidate. The U S is not yet merely a territory of Mexico and the latino government of catholic church. The catholic church based in Rome is the second largest government in the world and probably has more wealth than the entire U S but they should not be allowed to run this nation! Vote NO to Sotomayer, and start a Protestant Reformation in America.
/s/ Gloria Poole, Denver Colorado 80203 @ 9:23 AM, 30_June-2009


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