Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Could U Spell S-A-B-O-T-A-G-E-D Train?

Well, the obvious question is who sabotaged the Washington Metro Train and why? Which of the Clintons or Obama's enemies were on that Metro Train? The Clintons have disposed of several of their enemies in fake "accidents" or planned-assassinations-concealed or not so concealed and then the Press did the rest covering up. My guess is that the Clintons or Obama were behind that Metro Train sabotage too. Let the news publish all the news of all the passengers and see what connections they had to the Obama-Clinton regime; or to the planned killing establishment of the underworld mafia or to the planned killing establishment of Planned Unparenthood and their billion dollar killing machinery. News: publish the names and political connections of those on the metro train. Do some real investigative reporting instead of only publishing what the White House sends you. Show some of that male quality commonly known as b-a---. Ask who, what, when,where, why?

Also I read this am in the BBC news an article ' Twitterers defy China Firewall" a quote by "law graduate Jiangsu" and a phrase from it sticks in my mind: "a mind revolution"; and it was about what is happening in China as the Chinese government in its effort to prevent its subjects from learning what else is going on in the world is building a GIANT firewall to prevent internet traffic into or out of China. Of course they have to know that is a doomed and futile effort and the waste of billions of their currency. But meanwhile back at the ranch, their subjects are raising FINALLY the question of what happened at Tiananmen Square when tanks rolled over and crushed and totally annihilated some of their subjects who were protesting the government. I remember that event in the news and I was and am horrified by it. It is time, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past time for that nation to be protesting that evil. Maybe the Metro Train so-called accident was a Tiananmen event in the U.S. carried out by the U S government's Pentagon that is the only entity that controls every mode of transportation in the U S under the "War Powers Act' that gives the U S President unconstitutional power to 'declare war' on an entity all by himself.
What secret was in the knowledge of what person on that train? Remember how suddenly as soon as Obama realized the Chicago corrupt political machinery KNEW a whole lot about how he manufactured that financial meltdown to use it as the ticket to the White House that Obama had to suddenly grow a conscience and remove Blago from power? Of course the real intent was not to clean up politics in Chicago but to discredit forever Blagojevich for his insider knowledge of how Obama manipulated the internet and how he suppressed Republicans writing on the internet and how he manipulated votes of voting machines across the nation with the exact same methods used to crash that Metro Train. It is right that corrupt politicians, Judges, lawyers and government bureacrats be removed from power but the motives as in anything do matter.
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist, Denver Colorado 80203 @ 6:55 AM, 24-June-2009;
Update at 7:41 AM after reading Washington Post article, "Train operator apparently hit brakes before crash" and this quote on page 2 of article:
"Metro officials also did not install critical software revisions...". Now anyone who has owned a computer or done anything with a computer even as simple as writing a political or religious blog or creating a website or installing software patch to plug a 'hole' in security that allow exploitation of that 'hole in security' knows that the failure to update software totally disables a computer and that it allows 'takeover ' of the computer by cybercriminals. I actively try to keep my computer up to date and to install patches and security upgrades and I monitor that at my skill level for I.T. and yet the Obama Administration managed to take down 153 of my CHRISTIAN content websites for opposing Obama-Clinton-Planned-Annihilation-of-human-race-regime. And they did it in surreptious ways using insider knowledge of how I paid for my account by takeover of banks' info and they did it with the impetus of the perverts in Congress and their sodomite lesbian abominations in the halls and bedrooms of Congress. I know for certain that exploiting holes in security on computers is one task Obamites are really very good at it, and the Clintonistas also.* Their goal to socialize America is on target and they are using their hoodlum training to sabotage and try to intimidate the citizens of this nation, in order to try to install the killers-of-the-population-in-high-places like the U S Supreme Court, and the DHHS by putting there a woman chosen because she believes killing of innocents is a so-called right. [Sebelius from hell; who probably assassinated that Tiller the killer because he KNEW how much he paid her and for what].

* One of those websites was the blog that Hillary Clinton's goons tried to sabotage that had the words 'Hillary's hackers on the job' on the words of one entry superimposed over the words of another entry that in which I quoted from the Bible how GOD said HE would punish 'that Jezebel" that taught the killing of people as a right to get what she wanted.
Update at 8:13AM same day after reading my Yahoo email at gloriapooleRN at Yahoo:
in my email today there was a suspicious email with these words in the subject line: 'you have seven days to escape.." .Well, I am not in prison and not guilty of any crimes unless protesting Obama and Clintons have become crimes in their attempted overthrow of the U S government and U S Constitution. So I read that email as a threat to me. That same email was hacked into by someone sometime before my 153 Christian websites were taken down for opposing sodomy being installed as the next fake 'right' of a socialist government; and I protested that, and I reported it to the Yahoo security bunch for them to track who how and when my yahoo email was hacked into and how my yahoo email was used and by whom since it was not working for me to send/receive, but apparently was working for the cybercriminals. /s / Gloria Poole, R.N. Denver Colorado 80203


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