Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Con_man Liar Obama strikes again

Obama is going to go down in history as the President that finally destroyed America. His treachery and deceit are already legend. He has spent more money in 100 days than all of the Presidents of the nation before him put together; and it was all borrowed from foreign governments. He has spent Millions to destroy innocent humans in the womb in nations around the world. And in the news today in his usual two-faced voodoo economics he is telling the perverts of the nation a group of people that are not one percent of the nation that he will bow down to them and raid the federal till for them to encourage their perversion and further erode respect for GOD's laws. Obama is a horrible President and he is destroying the nation by flaunting the laws of GOD in the face of GOD. He is a prime example of a Harvard graduate with a degree in basketball and con-games, who would not have been accepted there if not for the color of his skin and the federal big money carrot to Harvard [as all federalized Universities get] to accept him and graduate him. And Sotomayer is more of the same. Two peas in the same pod. Sotomayer herself admitted her grades in her Ivy league federalized program were not up to par but that she was allowed because she is not traditional. Promoting the perverse, the teeny minority of perverts in the nation is not the duty of the President and neither is jet-setting around the world begging for money! Only a Harvard grad could say in the same breath that the U S is totally bankrupt and then tell the nation that the solution is to borrow TRILLIONS of dollars from governments that are not republics and do not allow liberty to vote, or have children to their subjects.Trillions of dollars to reward crooks on Wall Street and crooks in GM and so called executives who totally destroyed their companies and some of those companies were more than a hundred years old; and trillions that could never be repaid and has made the U S a beggar nation beholding to every foreign power in the world. Perverse reprobate thinking seems to be the Obama brand.
I know that Obama thinks he is GOD but he is NOT. There is a GOD and it is not him.
GOD promised HE does destroy the nation that tolerates sodomy . Read the Bible.
/s/ Gloria Poole , Denver Colorado 80203 @ 10:09 PM, 16-June-2009
Update Wed 17-June-2009 at 10:12 AM after reading the Yahoo news article about Obama's next plan to destroy America of federalizing the banks AND health care, and his plan to create yet another way of siphoning money out of the households and into the federal government.The news article said he plans to federalize the Federal Reserve even more to control /regulate banks more [that stick and carrot approach] and to 'create new consumer protection agency" to as his 2 barrell shotgun approach to destroying the credit and creditability of the United States all at once. Well, let me sum up the so-called federal agencies that ALREADY existed when Obama took office and obviously were not doing what they were paid to do:
1) SEC that supposedly oversees and prevents consumer fraud in investing that allowed Mad-off with 50$ million embezzler to have their 'good housekeeping seal of approval ' for years; and then there is:
2) FDIC that supposedly guarantees consumers against losses but probably only guarantees maybe five percent of the trillions lost by U S banks that happened when banks were forced by the feds to make loans to those who had no way to repay them, not down payment and no investment in the properties they bought; and then there is the:
3) OCC -Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, who devalued all US money when he ordered new paper money printed but did not take the old money out of circulation in the past few years.
And then there is the:
4) Office Of Thrift Supervision that was the so-called cure for the first meltdown of the real estate market years ago when Trust companies went belly up after following the same federal rules of enforced lending to minorities that had no way to repay them; and then there is the:
5) National Credit Union Administration {NCUA} that has regulated credit unions supposedly but of course they do not ever ever regulate the federal ones that the U S Senators use of the State ones that the state governments use that use their powers to snoop and spy on citizens through their accounts.
Now then, since all five of these so called regulatory agencies obviously failed right precisely when Obama and his grandmother on the board of government regulatory agencies of banks, arrived on the scene, should any U S citizen or any head of any government anywhere trust Obama's lack of integrity in this area? Or his lack of integrity when he signed the death warrants for as many innocents in the womb as $100 MILLION would pay for; or when he destroyed Wall Street by bailing criminals and embezzlers,or when he announced he intends to bring the full force of the wrath of GOD on America by his pen-stroke to 'legalize' abominations that GOD HIMSELF said HE HIMSELF would destroy nations for allowing?
Get a grip on reality. Obama will destroy this nation IF Congress does not be the gridlock that stops him.
/s/ Gloria Poole, Denver Colorado 80203


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