Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Carhart Makes me sick to my stomach!

Carhart is another that when he goes back to hell where he belongs the world will be MUCH better off without his gruesome, disgusting, evil trade in human flesh and blood. He turns my stomach. And as for all you prodeathers who say you believe in the so-called right to kill, why don't you allow that evil Carhart into your house with a chain saw to dismember one of your family members and decapitate the person and then write about how much you support evil, because that is precisely what a late term abortion does? You all make me sick to my stomach! You are evil in the flesh.
And as for all those Jews who so famously quote that 'never again' mantra of theirs, where are you in this debate? When did you intend to start that 'never again' thing because MILLIONS of innocents are being methodically slaughtered in the cities of America all the while you are chanting your mantra and parading about in Congress strutting your stuff and promoting killing of innocents as a right? And don't tell me to 'tone it down', because I am turning it up! I am never going to be silent on this issue--NEVER. And when it turns GOD's stomach then there will be bombs falling out of the sky raining destruction on NYC, and Washington DC and Los Angeles, and Atlanta, and Denver, and Omaha and every place where the killing fields are located.
All of you had better repent because the kingdom of GOD is at hand for you. There is a coming judgement day for America because I believe that the horror of abortion also turns GOD's stomach and HE is not mocked. GOD wrote in stone 'thou shalt not kill' and I am sure HE also meant that for that wicked Carhart.
signed Gloria Poole,R.N. and artist in oils Denver CO 80203/80206


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