Thursday, May 28, 2009

Respectful of those who kill by what authority?

I read an article in the NY Times today about Sotomayer and how the prodeathers are trying to spin the facts to imply to the public that she might not be prodeath enough for the radical baby-killing element of the nation, in an effort to try to trick the US Senate into confirming her. And the two ideas from that article that absolutely appall me are one from Obama who reportedly said he wanted all to be respectful of those who kill their tiniest most defenseless offspring with planning and deliberation [abortion] and the other idea from those who profit from the killing of innocents about the so-called right to conceal one's evil deeds supposedly guaranteed by their version of the U S Constitution. Here is my response to both of those stupid and evil remarks:
1) Would Obama say the same remark [be respectful?] to those who string up black folks on a rope for saying hello to a white woman? Would he insist that white folks have a moral liberty to string up black folks because they are 'inconvenient' to white folks? Would he also say be respectful of those who pour out poisonous gases from shower heads onto their political enemies because their enemies don't go along with their plan to rule the world? Would Obama say be respectful of those who kill white people because they wandered into 'indian' territory?. Where does Obama draw the line on his respect for those who kill purposely?
2) And about that quote from those who package, market and reap the money from the massive premeditated slaughter of millions of innocents about their 'cover' from their fake version of the U S Constitution that they call privacy at the very same time when government knows almost every detail of every citizens' life yet those who kill for money and political power insist they have the so-called right to conceal their crimes against humanity: my reply is hogwash. If the U S Constitution cannot and does not protect human babies then who does it protect? IS the U S once a mighty and a righteous nation so deluded, so reprobate that it cannot see that a nation that does not and cannot protect humans in the womb is of little use to anyone not even GOD?
Because you see, if humans are human in the womb and indeed they are and it is biologically impossible for them to be anything else but human then the premeditated killing of them ought to be forbidden, absolutely verboten, absolutely NOT allowed by anyone for any reason. A nation that legalizes killing contrary to the laws of GOD will reap what it sows according to Galatians 6:7, as the ripple effect of human depraved minds takes over the nation. The wicked reason if they could kill their offspring when most innocent and most vulnerable in the womb, then surely they could also kill them at the age of one or two or 20 or 50 or for any reason. They also reason that if a mother 'can' sign a death warrant [medical informed consent to kill her offspring] for her children then surely the children 'can do' the same for the elderly when they become 'inconvenient' or 'not timely' or 'not wanted' . The wicked with reprobate degenerate minds know no boundaries, but of course GOD knowing humans set the boundaries in the Commandments of GOD in Exodus 20. GOD knows that humans without GOD are doomed to damnation and I use that word as the Bible uses it --a condemnation by GOD HIMSELF to sheol or the pit of hell as it is referred to in the Bible that is the place separate from GOD for eternity and a burning lake of fire as the Bible also describes it.
A nation that purposely puts those who beleive that they have a right to kill in positions of power will reap the diastrous results of that sin. The U S has reaped the disastrous results of that wicked Roe decision in many ways. Since most men marry only for reproducing heirs and in the U S in this year of 2009 men cannot be sure if a woman will 'want' their children or kill them, and therefore the incentive to marry is not very great. The women who aborted their children decades ago are sterile --in the year approximately 1995 there were 60 MILLION women sterile from previous abortions, and that number is probably multiplied by now. The U S is a nation in decline because their future was aborted decade after decade, by the millions. The white [caucasian] race is already a minority around the world being fairly isolated to the continents of U S and Europe since other than caucasians predominate in Africa, China, all nations of the middle east, Latin American nations, South American nations, India, Nepal, in fact all Asian nations, are not white [caucasian] and usually with black hair and dark eyes. White people are already a minority and the only reason the people of the US have not figured that out yet is because of the millions spent by planned unparenthood on paying journalists hired by newspapers to secretly write prodeath arguments and put them in the papers as 'news' when they are propaganda; and the millions spent under the table to the Supreme Court and U S Congress to 'buy' cooperation [lobbying, trips to wherever, speaking fees to do their bidding of pumping up their cause]. These are the 'new' versions of the old propaganda of Goebbels of Germany who used massive propaganda to convince the people of Germany that the killing of the Jews was the 'only solution' to them as the prodeathers try to convince the nation that the right to kill innocents in the womb is the 'only' so-called [but false] right that matters to the nation since that evil Roe v Wade usurpation of Constitutional authority by the US Supreme Court.
The wicked turn my stomach and Obama is one of them and so is all those who work in killing fields of abortuaries and all those who dress in $1000 suits to go peddle sin as a right to those fools in Congress.
/s/ Gloria Poole, R.N. and artist in oils, and most artist's mediums;
at Denver CO 80203 at 9:03 am 28-May-2009
Updated 30-May-2009 @ 10:16 am @Denver CO 80203:
Read the words I wrote about Alito in 2005 and these comments and compare it to the situation today as Sotomayer is being considered for US Supreme Court Justice:
[not to worry-this is one of my google accts but it has an 'anonymous' url as seems to have become the norm on the web since hackers tried to steal some of my internet accounts.] And the point of this addition is to remind the nation and the President that 8 catholic justices out nine would not be "diversity' that he says he values and it would not be fair to the rest of the nation. Show some real diversity by nominating a Protestant [Baptist or other Bible believing protestant faith person] to represent the 200 million Protestants in this nation on the Supreme Court since the other faiths of muslim, catholic and jewish are already represented in the current administration but there are no Protestants in the Administration or on the US Supreme Court that I know of, and I sort of follow the news.
/s/ Gloria Poole,R.N. and artist


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