Friday, May 15, 2009

NYTimes Admits to Administrations' effort to increase abortions

The abortion-enlarging President of U.S did these dirty deeds:
"He has named abortion rights advocates to top jobs; Dawn

Johnsen, a former legal director of Naral Pro-Choice America, is his

pick to run the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. He has

repealed the so-called Mexico City rule, which prohibited tax

dollars from going to organizations that provide abortions

overseas; lifted Mr. Bush’s limits on embryonic stem cell research;

stripped financing for abstinence-only sex education; and is

seeking to undo a last-minute Bush regulation giving broad

protections to health providers who refuse to take part in

abortions".Quote from NY Times today:8:11 AM 5/15/2009;
And this quote:
'In 2007, he promised Planned Parenthood that “the first thing I’d

do as president” would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which

effectively codifies Roe v. Wade. Now he says the bill is “not my

highest legislative priority,” as he put it at a recent news

I always hate giving publicity to evil and that is not my intention, but to
point out to the nation and the world that Obama's double-speak is like in the
book "1984" saying he thinks abortion is a 'moral tragedy' while doing everything in his power to increase those moral tragedies. Evil men are liars and they kill maim and destroy not only the nations they 'lead' but themselves in the long run because according to Galatians 6:7 GOD is not mocked.
/s/ Gloria Poole , R.N. and artist @Denver CO 80203
Update at 6:06 PM mountain time after reading news:
I am not shocked at Obama instructions to arrest Priest and prolifer Alan Keyes for protesting Obama being honored because his proabort views are waaaaaaaaay out of line with most Americans. In fact it seems the nature and character of Obama to try to silence his opposition. I am convinced that he and his computer gurus abused their power to control the internet to take down my websites opposing Obama and abortion and sodomy, and to also try to control Google before Obama's planned proabort brain-washing speech coming up at Notre Dame U. Google is the best thing prolifers have going because Google does not censor prolifers or Christians. If you want my best guess Obama called up Bill Gates and that Carly Fiorni person from hewlett packard computers and asked them to try to shut down google. Both Microsoft and hp computers are tools of the proabort industry big time. Every time there is a controversy planned as Obama knew would happen when pretend prolifers in administration of Notre Dame invited him to speak there the internet suddenly has a slow heart rate! Obama is not above board in any way and he is not honest.
ON the other hand, I heard Alan Keyes speak in Atlanta GA years ago and I still think he'd be a great president and do great and mighty things for this nation and be an instrument to end the premeditated slaughter of millions of innocents. A man after GOD's own heart is how I perceived him from his words years ago. It is a shame on Indiana to arrest him and also a priest for protesting the premeditated killing of innocents but it the usual method socialist like Obama, Hitler, Stalin, deal with civil protests.
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