Saturday, May 16, 2009

News Blackout About Obama Suppressing Protests

I noticed that the news is blacking out, suppressing, censoring the news that the so-called catholic University invited a very radical prodeather to give the commencement speech in direct opposition to what the catholic church says it teaches, and also that they are blacking out/censoring/suppressing the news that Obama's socialist thugs arrested citizens for exercising civil liberties to protest anything and anybody including the President. The First Amendment gives U S citizens the liberty to protest deeds of government and that includes speechs of the President. Where are all those jews who have that oh-so-familiar slogan of never again to another holocaust? Why don't they realize the progressive nature of those who oppose GOD and the words of GOD. Certainly those who advocate for the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb calling it abortion and a right when it is a sin and a wrong according to Exodus 20:13, are the enemies of GOD and do not the jews call themselves the people of GOD? How could a people of GOD oppose the words of GOD? Why are the jews silent as millions of innocents are killed annually around the world with the fervent push of people like the Jews in the Treasury Dept funding Planned Unparenthood enormously, and the so-called newspapers silent when massive slaughter of millions of innocents is THE agenda for Obama and his Hitlerian form of government of suppress, oppress your political enemies, impoverish them, spy on them, loot their dwellings, threaten them with a show of police force to make you think that protesting sin is a wrong, when protesting sin is what GOD told all of us to who believe in a GOD and not the polytheistic false god of catholicism and buddhism and communism, and socialism and all the -ism governments.
And while I am on this topic I want to add the fact that I am Christian NOT catholic, and I am Southern Baptist Christian believing the Holy Bible to be true and the inspired word of GOD. I was not defending a catholic priest yesterday with my entry but a protestor of those who kill. I abhor the catholic false religion for these reasons:
1) it is polytheistic, worshipping living humans, dead ones, statues and money and power.
2) it is not about the worship of GOD.
3) it does not teach the words of GOD but the doctrines of men as JESUS called it with their alternate book to the Holy Bible that they call 'catechism' that is only the words of their church doctrine not the words of the Bible.
4) they do not teach the commandments of GOD and oppose anyone who does.
5) they are the enemies of the ONE TRUE GOD and worship, bow down too, and pray to idols made with human hands or machines.
6) their so-called priests do not abide by, live by, teach the word of GOD and are not married thus violating the first commandment of GOD to have a helpmeet and be fruitful and multiply.
7) it was the number one enemy of the publication of the Holy Bible on the printing press to make it available to most people.
8) it is founded on the worship of ba-al a false god.
9) it teaches that catholics could lie,cheat, steal,swindle, defraud and then pretend to be the friend of the down-trodden and poor.
10) it is still the enemy of the publication of GOD's words and sabatoges that often through their puppets on Supreme Court and U S Congress.
11) they knowingly lie to the world telling them they are also christian while at the same time calling those who believe in JESUS as ascended and LORD as 'JESUS freaks'.
12) their priests uncalled by GOD [GOD does not call anyone to sin or who sins regularly to the pulpit] pretend to forgive sins something which only GOD could do, in exchange for money.
13) their churches host bingo games, bake sales, drinking parties, and not worship of GOD.
14) their pope lives an exorbitant lifestyle more like a king than a man of GOD and uses authoritarian coercion of money from those who live in Italy and the EU nations to do that.
15) the church does not enforce amongst its members what it says it teaches. For instance there are more radical proaborts of the fake catholic cult in Congress than there are true Christians, because true Christians are maligned, persecuted, and the catholics on Supreme Court suppress the teaching of the Ten Commandments across the nation.
The US needs another protestant reformation! And it needs a 'free press' again that actually reports the news and does not publish what the government tells them too, and that does not accept perqs and privileges from the governments like fancy offices in the US Capitol and insider familiarity with the President; and that does not kowtow to those in power but that exercises the true First Amendment liberties to criticize the governments and the leaders for any reason. And I believe that is precisely why the internet has thrived--because it gives citizens a chance to be heard and to protest the government without fear of arrest. But of course Obama got elected by manipulating the internet and the election by rigging voting machines run by computers run by Microsoft and hewlett packard known socialists' liberty suppressing entities.
signed Gloria Poole @ Denver CO 80203 @ 7:13 AM 16-May-2009 [Saturday]


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