Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to recognize the catholic cult churches

Also here are the ways you could recognize a catholic cult* church:
1) they never refer to JESUS as ascended to heaven and alive but instead all their references are about him being
on the cross dead or as 'baby JESUS';
2) they pray to dead humans such as Mary who is dead for the past 2009 years approximately or the dead apostles;
3) they do not allow their parishioners to have Bibles of their own;
4) they give their parishioners a copy of what is called 'catechism' which should be understood to mean the false doctrines that separate them from the true worship of the LIVING GOD as taught by the Holy Bible; it is not a Bible
but they pretend it is in place of a Bible.
5) their churches are filled with idols, things made by humans, and they bow down to them and say their prayers to them;
6) they teach the words of the human Paul as the so-called "Pauline gospel' AS IF he were the Saviour and not JESUS;
7) they teach that their parishioners pay their way into heaven by paying bribe money to fake priests;and they use a
euphemism to fool most of the people most of the time calling it 'paying indulgences'.
8) they do not teach about hell or use that word that the Bible calls it nor do they call it the pit or sheol as The
Bible calls it but instead tells their parishioners that is 'purgatory' from where they may be bought out of by living relatives in a way of getting more money from their parishioners under false pretenses;
9) their so-called priests are fake because they do not honor/obey/abide by even the very first commandment of GOD
Almighty which is in Genesis 1:26-28 and Genesis 2:18-25 about having a spouse of opposite sex and reproducing children.
Added today 26-May-2009 at 9:07 AM, Mountain time by me Gloria Poole gloriapoole® at Denver CO 80203/80206
Footnote at *=the word cult is from the Latin meaning the worship of a person or thing.
signed Gloria Poole at Denver CO 80203/80206 10:06 AM mountain time; And I also intended to post this same content on my site at http://gloriapoole.com/defiant/
but demons from the old DCTV station owned by the government in Colorado hacked into my gloriapoole.com site in about 2004 and they EXCEPT for GOD's power being greater than the devil's would destroy it because they are evil. Also I realized after I signed out that I should remind the public that when John Kerry catholic demoncrat was running for office he made the public TV channels in Colorado his unofficial HQ and then he and that evil man Salazar who are both of the cult worship of catholic idolatry pulled politico-legal strings to illegally search and seize my US mail from the P O Box I had in the post office near Welton and 20th in Denver. They hijacked my postal box owned exclusively by me; they railroaded me into catholic fake clinics to get my SSN number then they illegally accessed my confidential files to get my info for my Christian websites in an effort to prevent me from publishing the true gospel. Remember that 153 of my true Christian websites were taken down on May 2nd 2009 after criminals hacked into my account with 1and1.com of Pennsylvania, which is also a very wicked state that has played heavily in the political ram-roding of sodomy as a so-called right to be forced on the nations' schoolchildren who are captive audiences to every evil false doctrine the wicked 'can' think of.
I am a true Christian and I am sick literally of the false cult worship forced on the nation by a Congress and Supreme Court in the control of the Vatican false god.


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