Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Possible Details of Conficker ???

This am [ approx 7:30 am MT] when my computer mouse was not working properly and seemed to be trying to type my passwords elsewhere, or into the air instead of the space for them, I discovered on my computer three files that are very strange and that may be files of conficker. If anyone knows I would like you to contact me at :
words-that-work at and tell me what else to look for. This is the name of the file I wrote down with the info I wrote down in quotation marks:
file name: "MF_C425.lfa"
type file :" LFA file"
open with; "Unknown application"
date created: "Nov 19, 1617"
date modified: "Nov 19, 1617"
and there were two other similar files but I deleted them before writing down the exact file name, but it had the same prefix and the same dates on the other two also. These were in the Windows folder on my harddrive and they were new to my computer and showed the last date accessed as April 16, 2009 which was probably when I was trying to log in to my account. These files were obviously affecting the keyboard because after I deleted them the mouse started working again and the passwords typed into the proper spot for them.
If this helps other people, great! I also noticed yesterday that a so-called automatic update from hewlett-packard was running when I was trying to accomplish a task on my privately owned by me computer. I remember that hewlett-packard willfully spied for the democratic party in 2004 and that it was discovered, but they have not changed their ways. Be aware that their downloads downloads spies and surreptious files onto your computer.
/s/ Gloria Poole, Denver CO 80203/80206
tel 303-8371261 ext 2707 if Microsoft wants to talk to me about this, I am willing to help defeat that evil conficker, and the thieves behind it.


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