Friday, March 27, 2009

People Listen Up; PayPal is NOT secure.

This is intended to be a notice to the public. If you are currently married or were married, and now divorced, be aware that your husband or ex-spouse could access your PayPal account with an old bank card or statement, or with your Social Security number. I was shocked to learn this info and thought my account was safe and that I had to sign in with a secure password with a particular email address. And did you also know that once the thief has access to your account he or she could 'request a check' drawn from you bank account or your credit card? Also I discovered that once the thief gets himself listed on your account he would be able to put another account of his [it could be a prepaid card] to 'receive' your refunds he asks for and your money that 'bounces' back that you sent to a particular company such as your internet provider, but which he through fraud 'cancelled' your services and told them to refund the money you sent to the company, to his 'card' on file with Paypal on YOUR account that you did not know had his card or his info on it through fraud, and cybercrime activities of his. PayPal is somewhat indifferent on that matter also switching cards back and forth and in my case between my legitimate card on my file to the fraudster's illegitimate card on file. Remember Paypal is a financial unregulated industry! Keep your risks small and monitor your accounts closely. Don't put your major account at risk. There are some good prepaid cards that you could load with a predetermined amount of money so if they are compromised your entire checking or savings accounts are not drained by criminals. And remember the U.S. has a somewhat lax attitude toward theft particularly Colorado. It seems to me that the State of Colorado has the attitude that what belongs to you is 'for the taking' by whoever is sly enough to steal, plunder and loot your possessions and usually has an attitude that private property is community property for the world--[socialism]. Be aware that in Colorado if you go to a Judge and tell him someone is systematically breaking into your dwelling and looting your possessions the Judge will not do anything about it. It is not just creeping socialism but galloping at the nation.
Also,do you have any idea how many agencies have your Social Security number or how many groups like ngo's may have it? For starters :
the Dept of Motor Vehicles in most states requires it to get a D.L.
the public schools, and some private schools;
any bank or financial agency handling money;
any government agency that requires paperwork;
any lending agency;
some teams like ball clubs for signing up students;
Registration for motor vehicles;
applications for charge accounts at retail and merchants;
government databases for military, VA hospitals, paying in Social Security;
employers and their Human Resources dept;
the US State Department;
the candidates running for any federal or state government via their federal contacts;
school activities for minor children request their SSN and it goes in a database somewhere;
If you ever applied for any sort of government assistance your SSN is in dozens of government databases;
rental applications for almost anything including renting a weed-eater;
some department stores that require if you present a paper check to them;[but don't give it!];
if you get a divorce the Court wants it [but don't give it, my bank accounts x 2 in 2006 were stolen from me using Court documents that year] ;
and according to some computer security experts your SSN may also be in databases of other countries as they try to get enrolled for benefits they are not entitled too, and steal identities.
And stop and think, how many of you have written a check to your children's school or your grandchildren's events, and included an email address for the same organization to contact you? Those are the two pieces of information a con-man needs to get himself installed on your Paypal account. Don't give those two pieces of information simultaneously.
Do not be deceived.I learned this lesson the hard way but you don't have too. I had no idea my exhusband since Oct 2007, was on my Paypal account that I thought was closed in March 2008 after divorce; and I had no notice whatsoever from Paypal about that until he 'sucked' out the money from several accounts of mine for the years of 2003-2006, via fraud via Paypal.
If you see two small transactions of less than a dollar on your accounts then watch out. That is the way Paypal 'authorizes' your account and it does not seem to matter to them who owns the account or who began it, or even who the email belongs too that is the login info. It is a money-laundering system if the thief/hacker/bad person has your info and is no good. They apparently allow exhusbands to access your info by calling them up with your SSN. It is not good!
Don't be defrauded --pay attention to your accounts. Don't assume that any financial institution including banks are totally trustworthy. Also recently my bank asked me if I had charged gas for a car in Jan 2009 and the answer was no. I have a junk car that my exhusband swindled me with, and it does not run and it is not registered to me and I do not intend to register it to me but to donate it to a charity for the prolife cause, so I do not have a need for gasoline. Yet,somehow suddenly a charge against my account appeared for a local in Denver Colorado Gas station on my account, and the only way I figure that could have been possible was through a stolen Paypal account. Be aware that some merchants are taking Paypal accounts that bill your bank account and draw money from your bank account and you may never have consented to that for that person.
/s/ gloriapoole, [Gloria Poole,R.N., and artist in oils, and writer]
Update Saturday March 28,2009 after reading BBC News. Here is this article that is exactly about this sort of thing:
Article in BBC news entitled "Call to Scrap Illegal Databases"
at: from
March 23, 2009 but I read it today, sort of late but it is relevant to
this. A quote from article which points out what I am talking about [insecure or
unsafe collections of your private confidential info putting you ar risk of fraud and depletion of your resources by criminals:

"Staff at 30 councils have already abused the system and

information has been made available to private firms, according to

the trust.

"The problem with a lot of these information systems is the number

of people who have access to them. It's the slack attitude to data

security which is most worrying," said Ms Dowty.'[end quote]

7:00 AM 3/28/2009


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