Saturday, March 07, 2009

NO to Abominable Human Research on Embryoes

Quote by Rep Chris Smith, R-NJ trying to dissuade the President
from expanding abominable research on humans:

"Human embryo-destroying stem cell research is not only unethical,
unworkable and unreliable- it is now, demonstrably
unnecessary," Smith said.'[end quote]. That quote in the FoxNews
yesterday and Google news today, with article.

There is also evidence that anyone injected with the cells of dead
human beings grow tumors. The cannabalism of one human to
serve another human is ungodly. It is evil personified. It is an
analogy to ingesting the heart of your enemy as the heathen
Mayans did long ago. It is repulsive, repugnant, horrible. The
thought of it gags me. How is it possible that so many people in
the US could be so absolutely heathen, without any moral guide
at all? Scientists without GOD are of the devil, wanting to twist
and pervert the human body GOD made in the womb into their design,
of grotesque experimentation and tumors and death.Such experimentation
is unlawful because of the Nuremberg Code of Laws about experimentation
on humans that require consent before any experimentation,and also
require that the researcher halt the study IF there is any risk of
death or dismemberment of a human. How could an innocent in womb alive
in embryo stage of development give consent to the death of the self and
the destroying of the life and form? How could an embryo know of the
risks to the life of the self? That research is abomination. And it is
illegal in all good nations of the world

The only answer is the abdication of the Churches to teach the
word of GOD, to tell the hard truths of 'thou shalt not kill' humans
in the womb, or out of it, for any reason; thou shalt not sodomize,
thou shalt not worship idols, thou shalt not mock GOD,thou shalt
not profane THE NAME of GOD, thou
shalt not defy THE GOD THE MAKER of all and THE ULTIMATE
JUDGE of all.

And how did a nation that began as a way of people who wanted
the liberty to serve a LIVING GOD and not be forced to worship
the idols of the catholic church and who emigrated from England,
Scotland, Wales, and Ireland to begin a new nation have elected
a man as President who wants to ingest humans?
/s/ gloriapoole,R.N. Denver CO 80203
7:37 AM 3/7/2009


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