Thursday, April 24, 2008

Communist ACLU opposes Christianity

If you are a true Christian, you should hate the ACLU. It is a Communist organization that has persecuted Christians for decades! It has opposed any display of Christianity. It has opposed in Court any declaration of faith in JESUS THE MESSIAH. It has sued, persecuted, obstructed, harassed with the Courts any public display of faith in JESUS. It has a secretive organization similar to the KGB of historic Russia that persecuted believers. What has prompted this entry today?

The ACLU is openly opposing the State of Florida's effort to allow Christians to buy a product that endorses their religion. Such opposition is in direct violation of the First Amendment liberties of freedom OF worship of GOD not freedom FROM worship of GOD! To be denied the liberty to publicly acknowledge THE GOD is to be denied freedom. And to make matters worst,the ACLU is publicly funded. It is not open to public scrutiny. It is not affected by sunshine laws. It is not accountable to anyone but gets a lot of federal money to persecute Christians! It is the equivalent of Roman Centurions in JESUS' time on the earth.

If I need to state the obvious, I am Christian, a believer in THE ONE GOD who told Abraham of HIMSELF and HIS NAME, and HIS Laws/Commandments; and Abraham recorded that and it is written in THE BIBLE. [And other Holy Books including the Torah, and the Qu'ran] and then GOD revealed HIMSELF to Moses, to Isaiah, to King David, to Solomon, to Jeremiah, to Ezekial, to Amos, to Ezra, to Nehemiah, to Daniel, to Habakkuk, to Zephaniah, to Zechariah, to Malachi, to Jonah, to Obadiah, to Joel, to Hosea, to Micah, to Nahum, to Matthew, to John, to Luke, to Mark, to Peter, to Paul; and to John again when JESUS was glorified and in the Spirit in Revelations. I believe in JESUS and I believe in THE ONE GOD because JESUS said, " I and MY FATHER [GOD in heaven] are ONE." John 10:30

IS the ACLU bigger than GOD? I do not think so and I think that if they continue to oppose GOD or faith in GOD that GOD will take them down! And that is my prayer that GOD HIMSELF will do something about their wicked agenda of persecuting Christians and believers. Should any government in any State of the U.S. allow any license plates ? If they do allow citizens to buy any license plate promoting an agenda then they must also allow citizens to declare their religious beliefs also and if they discriminate against Christians then the ACLU and the state should be sued in a Court that will lead to the US Supreme Court in order that Christians may get back their Constitutional liberties to believe in, adhere too,the teachings of GOD, and publicly say so,or write it or display their worship of GOD ALMIGHTY.

There is a decision about this issue already and you may read more of it on one of my websites and you may also read my poem, "Tribute to Veterans" there. Also, please visit these websites that are intended to be public declarations of my faith in JESUS and my committment to The Kingdom of GOD: [I am Christian and what that means] [My life is a Testimony of GOD's power] [Overcoming! the devil] [Glory to GOD in the HIGHEST] [Glorify GOD] [Testimonies of JESUS] [Children of THE FATHER in heaven]
and this is only some of my purposeful efforts to promote belief in GOD and adherence to HIS Commandments around the world.

IS the ACLU bigger than GOD ? NO and it is time they relocated to a Communist nation where their efforts to control, suppress,deny, faith in GOD would be more acceptable. But in a Christian nation it is not acceptable. I defy them in THE HOLY and Precious NAME of JESUS, who is THE GODHEAD in the flesh that the prophets foretold in the Old Testament. signed gloria poole, RN and artist, and writer and etc


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