Monday, March 10, 2008

Time for Hillary to quit the race, she's behind

First of all, let me ask this question: where are the Media/Press demands that Hillary quit the Presidential race since she's behind? Where is that old trick that the demoncrats always use on the Republicans demanding that who ever is behind after a few states so designated as Primary Primaries vote, resign, when it comes to Hillary? Why is her photo on the front page of the NY Times twice today? Why are not the Mainstream Presses as they like to think of themselves, [though the NY TIMES is waaaaaaaay liberal,] demanding that Hillary resign? What is not being said often speaks louder than what is said! Why are they not writing daily about how she is going to split the Demoncratic vote and throw the election to the Republicans? Of course I am Republican and if that happens then praise GOD! I want the Republican prolifers to win! All the time! In every race! From now unto eternity or JESUS Comes back to the earth to gather HIS faithful to heaven.
But in the sense of fair play, I want to know why the Press hounded Huckabee to withdraw because he was behind and are NOT hounding Hillary to withdraw but instead are promoting her? Here's another question America--are we, citizens, going to allow the two states dominated almost entirely by wicked forces to decide who runs this nation? I am talking about NY and California the two most liberal, most far-out-of-the-main-street-towns of America ideology to decide who the President will be? Here is my prayer : that it won't be Hillary or Obama because they are in the very pocket of that killing organization named Planned Parenthood and they are not to be trusted.
And here's another question, why did Obama's advisor resign for stating the obvious truth? Is truth-telling a sin in America now?


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