Thursday, March 20, 2008

Etrade is an Illegal Ponzi scheme, I think

I am posting this here for the common good. There is a company that advertises that it pays 5% interest on savings that are deposited on line and that company is E*Trade. I opened up small accounts and deposited money with them. Then they either purposely gave me info to thieves or did not do anything to prevent hackers and thieves when I reported certain events to them. Here is what happened: I told them from the beginning that my last login about a week after I had opened those savings accounts had shown a date that I did not log in and they did nothing to correct it. I also told them that I removed my email address that I had opened the account with because of that event and yet when I logged in the next time, the email address I had deleted from my accounts had reappeared there. I complained about that also to E*Trade, and they did nothing about that either. Then when I opened a small checking account with them to set up bill pay there was already two accounts set up to be paid from my account that I had not put there which alarmed me greatly and I reported that also,and they did nothing about that either. I wrote them repeatedly from their so-called secure website to tell them of these events. Then challenge questions that I did not put on my account appeared there asking me which of those vehicles I had cosigned a debt for [none of them] and which street in Broomfield Colorado I lived on {none] and about two members of my family [my daughter by her maiden name and my brother that lives in GA] about when they lived in Broomfield and the answer was never! The so-called challenge questions seemed to have some knowledge of much of my life but they were not put on my account by me and usually that is the case in financial accounts or email accounts either for that matter. Their so-called security department wanted me to fax them a notarized letter with my signature and my address and name to a place in NC and I did that and the notary is a witness to that, and I sent it by certified mail and they signed for it and I received the card back from USPS to that effect dated that they received my letter on March 6th of this year. Two days ago I tried to draw from my money $30 and my debit card was blocked. When I demanded that they correct it they photocopied AGAIN for the third or fourth time my ID documents and said they faxed them and gave me a copy of the confirmation that they were faxed but refused to give me the copy of what they faxed. I have the confirmation of the fax. Then their wicked Manager named Andrew Biegalski told me to leave the premises and if I didn't he'd call security. I told him better yet I would call Denver Police and make a Police Report about their theft by conversion. The Denver Police did come, two officers --a Corporal and a Patrolman Diez who threatened me with arrest for "raising my voice" and demanding that etrade give me MY money. That man is a scum bag and a liar from the get go and should be fired today in my opinion as a law abiding citizen being threatened maliciously with arrest for enquiring into my bank account! The good or better officer went into Etrade on my behalf since that manager with something to hide named Andrew had told me to wait in the lobby for the Denver Police. I did and when they got there I showed them my checkbook, my debit card,my notice from etrade of the PIN they assigned me with the instructions to change my PIN immediately [which I had done]. Officer said he was satisfied it is my account and went into E*Trade to talk to them for me. They told him my money was safe and he told me that, and I said if so,why cannot I draw it out with my debit card? And he said when had I tried and I said before going into E*trade to complain and insist they unblock my account from me. He said go with him try again and he would be a witness for me. I did try, and put my card there and my PIN and it recognized me and told me to enter amount to withdraw and I did and then it refused to "process " my request. That officer went back into E*Trade and came back again and said they told him they would overnight my money to me at my residence address of 980 Grant St # 707 Denver Co 80203 and the Officer told me that if they did not do that to file a financial fraud report against them. Well, I know the Denver Police--they are corrupt and they are liars and I know that from the five year history of trying to get any kind of help from them when there was a theft of my US mail from the Curtis St Post Office and when my then husband was violating the restraining order against him and when the USPS worker from the Curtis St PO tried to steal my handbag. They are of no real use to those who don't bribe them. I decided to write the Securities and Exchange Commission and I did that today, to all their addresses.Also I decided that since others in the US and abroad may be in the same boat and have emptied accounts while thinking they have money there, that I should post this publicly. signed gloria poole,Reg Nurse licensed in Colorado.


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