Wednesday, February 06, 2008

NYT says American Samoa votes in Pres Elect!

Well, I got a shock today. According to the New York Times people in American Samoa and Guam voted for Hillary Clinton. Now tell me when did those nations become States? I keep up with the news around the world and as far as I know those countries are not states in the US, so why are their people voting in the Presidential Election? Skewing the results of the Vote? That would be my guess in order to alter the totals? Also of course yesterday the NY Times ran an article that tried to paint anyone who disagrees with the killing-of-innocents-on-demand a/k/a abortion politics of Hillary as being a "hater". I was not very surprised by that. That jezebel Hillary is without a conscience as far as it is apparent to Christians around the world and of course, NY is a very liberal state and so is California. Neither of them have too many rules for what constitutes a citizen nor how many times a citizen may vote and the majority of their populations are not native born to the US. Voter manipulation is an easy task there for their high-powered, high-tech, highly paid computer geeks. In fact it is an easy task for even the not so skilled if they have government issued permission to hack? Hey. For more on this subject visit one of my blogs at: and scroll first til you see the sort of blank spot then scroll just beyond that to the messed up blog entry where you will see the red words "Hillary's hackers on the job" and see that mess of her incompetent hackers that were thankfully stopped by the security on my computer before they totally destroyed that blog. Those hackers tried to superimpose one of my blog entries on top of the other so neither could be read in order to prevent me from protesting the killing politics of Hillary. Well, here you go- - NY Times count me among the Hillary haters and also add my name to the list of all haters of evil that includes those who kill to get power or to dominate or those who kill the innocents with premeditation for any reason. Also count me among those who hate evil on the face of it, because The Bible tells us to hate evil IF we love GOD.
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