Friday, October 12, 2007

Difference between The Holy and the profane

I have thought on this topic for most of my life. How to teach the up and coming generations the love of GOD and how to have a blessed life is a topic that I write on often and consider one of my sacred duties. There is a phrase that buzzes around academic circles that is supposed to make excuses for a wanton and depraved way of life and that phrase is "secular humanism". It is a propaganda word for atheism that is taught in the U.S. in the schools at all levels. The reason I am writing this entry today is to make it clear exactly what secular humanism is. I tell you upfront that I write everything that I write as a Christian woman first and foremost and then as a Reg Nurse with the perpective of that career training.

I am writing Christian principles on the top of page to put GOD first! It is a visual reminder that GOD said to choose righteousness throughout the book of Deuteronomy and the entire Bible.

Followers of JESUS [christians]principles:

GOD is GOD and there is no other.JESUS is alive forevermore. Rev 1: 178-18

acknowledges that GOD exists and reigns!

lives first for JESUS then for others'

owes life, allegiance and resources to GOD

worships, praises GOD ALMIGHTY, [JESUS]

spends time, money, resources on GOD's work

teaching others to know/love GOD=mission

follows JESUS' literally & HIS teachings

in awe of the HOLY NAME OF GOD

considers those to who love GOD family

calls GOD's NAME in Prayer and holiness

believes GOD has a Judgement Day coming

believes there is a heaven and hell

believes that Commandments/Statutes of GOD
take precedence over feelings.

believes that JESUS will separate the
sinners from the righteous in life and
eternally, GOD judges sin.

believes we each are "bought with the
price of JESUS's blood on the cross" and
not our own to destroy.

believes, lives by "thou shalt not kill".

believes sodomy is "abomination"as GOD spoke

believes that serving GOD, pleasing GOD
brings eternal reward of heaven and peace.

believes parents have the duty to teach
children the love and obedience to GOD.

believes all have sinned and need JESUS

believes in Holy Spirit [breath/power/life

Atheism/secular humanism

self is god
acknowledges no power than human
lives only for self
owes no allegiance to any body
worships, admires self
spends time, money, resources on self
hedonism is mission
follows humans
respects NOT the Name of GOD
hates those who love GOD
profanes, defiles GOD's Name
believes that anything goes
believes in no life but world
believes that if it feels good, ok

believes all are "equal" and that
sin is a so-called "right"

believes that self-destruction is a

believes that dying or killing
solves problems

believes that sodomy is an

believes that success, pleasure
is all there is to life .
believes that the "state" should
indoctrinate all

believes humans can save themselves

believes in "human spirit"

This are some of the basic differences but they are very major differences.
Scripture references are Genesis 1:1, Isaiah 45:5, Isaiah 4:6, Matthew 23: 8-10, John 8: 21, 24, Matt 1: 21, Acts 2: 38, Isaiah 59:2, and 53: 6, Romans 3: 10, Romans ch 1, John 10:30

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