Thursday, August 23, 2007

Taliban, please release the German engineer

I read a few minutes ago [the news on my reader] that the Taliban is
holding hostage a German engineer, and I think that is not good. I am asking you to please release your hostages, sirs,and I am sure that you are all men in that Taliban. You will not gain the world's respect by attempting to force your faith or your cause on others. There are other more powerful and more GOD pleasing ways to get your message across. Think about this way of blogging your messages to the world. The internet reaches more than 220 million people and that is a powerful audience. Sirs, I have German ancestry and there is no question that they made a lot of mistakes in the world war that we all have read about and that of course, we are all human in the human condition, not GOD! However, capturing and holding a person against that person's will is an act of war. Do you intend to start a war and have the German nation retaliate against Afghanistan? Because that is the risk you run when you take Germans hostage. Germany is a very powerful nation and it is has traditionally been tolerant of Arabic people and the Muslim faith. Sirs, do not put yourselves in a worst light to the world by harming innocent people. Taking hostages is an act of war, not an act of defiance nor an act of faith.It is not jihad because The BIBLE is very clear that GOD does not punish the innocent. Read the Old Testament account of Abraham pleading with GOD for the safety and protection of the innocents when GOD had told Abraham that HE GOD intended to destroy the entire cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.Remember GOD's response that IF HE could find ten righteous men HE would not destroy the entire cities for the sake of the innocents. You know what happened. GOD did not find ten righteous men in those cities and destroyed them both because of the abomination of sodomy. Sirs, I cannot and do not plead the innocence of all Germans nor do I know all the details of why you thought you needed to take hostages, but generally speaking, I have compassion for your people and wish the blessings of GOD on them.There is ONLY ONE GOD and true Christians know that. We know HIM as GOD the Spirit and GOD in the flesh [whom I think possibly the Islam faith calls the Mahdi?? not sure] and GOD THE Spirit or as you call HIM, "the breath of GOD". GOD with all power and over all people, nations and languages. Sirs, that same GOD will not excuse you IF you harm innocent people. If your hostage has not been tried in a Court of law, and found guilty of a capital offense, then please set him free.
I am asking you, pleading for the life of a German human who was in a vulnerable situation apparently because of trying to help your nation. How do you win in a situation like that? You won't if you harm innocents. The world's readers of the news will think less of your religion if you do that, not more of it. Please do not take the Holy Name of GOD in vain, by pretending that if you harm innocents,it would please GOD because that would not be true. The BIBLE is clear that GOD does not punish the innocents with the wicked.


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