Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Vote NO to HR 3=vote no to killing

I am protesting again, the HR [US House Resolution to vote on] numbered 3. HR 3 is bad public policy because it is an effort to force US taxpayers to pay for the killing of human embryoes in the name of "medical research". I am a Reg Nurse of many years and I am telling you that medical research does not justify killing anyone. If you have any doubts about that truth, then research the HOLOCAUST of Germany. I like Germany and I have German ancestry, but what happened there was not right and they are the first to agree on that. In the name of research, Hitler killed and maimed a lot of people including young sets of twins to see if their internal organs were also identical. I am not expert on what happened at the Holocaust, but I read a book entitled The Nazi Doctors by Robert Jay Lifton, MD, and it literally opened my eyes to the realities of the US, by the parallels it makes of the Abortion Holocaust to the Jewish Holocaust. In both situations, there was a class of human beings relegated to sub-human status by order of the government for the purpose of killing that group, the Jews in the German Holocaust and the preborn humans in the Abortion Holocaust. The US Congress is supposedly voting on whether the forced financial support from taxpayers is a "right" of pseudo-scientists soon. I am telling you that the US Congress should NEVER create any law that condones or allows, or promotes, or encourages or wink-winks at, the killing of innocent human beings. It seems obvious to me that the US is at a crucial crossroads of the nation's history, again debating IF humans are human or property. This debate has happened before in preceding generations. The Dred Scott decision of the US Supreme Court declared black folks as property for the disposal of by the land-owner if so desired, and "owned" by him and completely in his control. The Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation undid that abomination. Then there was the debate about whether American native born Indians were human or property and that was "resolved" by allowing them to occupy territories and be sovereign in their reservations, as different nations from the US. Again the third debate in the US history is about whether humans are human if they reside in a different location [the womb] or if they are tiny and not able to vote [the preborn], or if they have not yet been declared as "human" by the money-skimming legal system though they were acknowledged as human by the medical profession centuries ago. There is an entire medical science that is real science and not junk science on these subjects--two sciences in fact or more. There is obstetrics and labor and delivery that acknowledges the baby in the womb as one of the doctors' patients, and there is human development as a science, and there is genetics that recognizes that each species reproduces itself and only itself as the "law of the species". Therefore a human man and a human woman reproduce a human! It is simple to comprehend even to children. I have heard many small children comment on a pregnant woman and without fail, they say, "there's a baby in there" and point to the pregnant 'belly"/ womb. They are smart enough to know that humans produce human babies and not dogs or cats.


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