Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Earthlink is defrauding its long time customer--me

I am writing this from desperation. I am an earthlink customer and I am the only owner of my account--the very same account i have since Jan 03. I have tried numerous times to pay the monthly bill by entering my financial information into their online billing system, typing it directly from my card. Then I receive a fraudulent message from them that says MY info does not match their info! Go figure. That means to me that they have an insider who is immoral and an accomplice to a financial crime working for them. I know my info is correct and I know the money is there and I know what the teller told me. If the teller is not a thief and a liar, then earthlink is, Their motive could only be illegal interference by the US government into my financial matters AGAIN for no reason other than the fact that I Am Christian Republican and prolife; and I oppose those in the US Senate who kill innocents for pay and political gain. The censorship and the illegal interference into financial accounts by the US Senate has to stop.


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