Sunday, December 31, 2006

Summing up this past yr

Today is the last day of the year of THE LORD that is 2006 years after the birth of JESUS. I am not sad to see this year end. In some ways it was one of the worst years of my life. IF I wrote the details of the saga of my life with my husband, it would fill a volume; and it would not be good. Suffice it to say, that somehow it has to get better. What exactly that will mean, only GOD THE FATHER in heaven knows at this point. I have endured. Whether I have overcome as JESUS says to do, I am not sure yet. My husband who earns somewhere between 5-10 times what our expenses are, has declared to me that he is too poor to be married and wants to bungee back to infancy to live with his "dad" alone. The BIBLE says let the unbelieving depart, and that is where that's at. What will be, will be. I have come to accept that those who don't know GOD's nature, don't have an appreciation for those who do. I have been in a quasi-married state for probably a year, because he intermittently decides he does not want to be married, leaves, then would yo-yo back; but I am getting tired of that legally married, practically single state, so the coming year may be the end of this marriage. Consider this a public notice that it is a possibility. I learned the first time I was divorced by a husband that considered married life too stressful, that not telling anyone about it, left everyone surprised and incredulous when it did happen. I am stating a personal opinion here, when I say the so-called woman's movement made cowards of the men, who seem to consider themselves too fragile and weak to be husbands. Maybe that is a US phenomenon?

However, having written that, I am determined as ever to continue with my work of prolife activism and publishing of the gospel, my writings,my paintings, and my life. I am a strong woman, and if not, I would not have survived so far. JESUS said there would be persecutions and I am able to attest that has certainly been true in my life.


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