Monday, December 04, 2006

Real Men Do Create Babies & nurture them too

Here below is the "radical" message that the Yahoo Message Board censored today, included to document censorship and to show the world how very radical the US has become.

[quoting myself:]
Real men do a lot of things and the one that makes a real difference in the world, is fathering children. The idea of a diaper bag for men is a great idea! Real men do change diapers and real men do cuddle babies, and real men do rock babies to sleep, or pat them to comfort them. Real men have compassion for the tiny and the vulnerable and the innocents who need protection. Real men do support women who have babies and real men do invest in every way-financially, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically--in their offspring or adopted children. Real men do care about the continuity of the nation and their families.
signed gloria poole [RN] aka gloria poole pappas, RN
[end quote]


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