Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Maybe Iran will destroy the abortion clinics?

After I read the news that Tiller the killer is still in the "business" of killing the innocents [read the Yahoo news today about Kansas ] and the wicked on-the-take Judge of Kansas who threw out the 30 charges against Tiller the killer, it makes me sick to my stomach. I am beginning to hate the US! There is no such thing as "justice" in the US--the Courts are corrupt thoroughly, the so-called legislators are nothing but puppets for Planned Parenthood, and the incoming Congress is the most wicked since the Senate in ancient Greece that imploded from corruption and vice. I am beginning to think that the hope of the US continuing may rest with Iran whose President may be man enough to destroy the abortion clinics and the wicked of this nation. My hope is that if that happens, he will remember as did Abraham, that GOD does not punish the righteous along with the wicked. Kansas voters, kick that corrupt Judge out of office, for the love of GOD ! And Kansas Medical Society, what in the name of all that is HOLY are you waiting for? Should Tiller take a machine gun to 10 year old girls before he will be de-licensed from the "practice" of medicine? He gives all doctors a BAD name so why does he still have a license to practice in the US? Get a grip on reality. When the general public realizes what happened in Kansas, that a medical doctor was charged with 30 VIOLATIONS OF STATE LAW, and a bribed Judge did not read the evidence against him, allowing him to continue his killing and maiming of young women, do you not think that Kansans will conclude that they had better cross into Nebraska for health care, where they are more prolife and more honorable? Do you not think that doctors as a whole will be looked at askance, and with contempt and scorn by the public? If you cannot see that truth, then you have lost touch with reality, because the public's perception of the lack of integrity and the mission of death on demand of Tiller the killer, is going to kill the medical profession too.


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