Friday, November 17, 2006

YEA, add these prolifers to the cause

Today, Friday, Nov 17th, the US House of Representatives' Republican caucus elected PROLIFER John Boehner to the number 1 leader position for the Republicans, and PROLIFER Roy Blunt of Missouri, to the # 2 spot as Minority Whip, and PROLIFER Adam Putnam to the # 3 spot of Conference Chairman.
These men have 100% prolife voting records and that is wonderful news for the nation and the preborn human beings in their mother's wombs; and it is in keeping with the Republican Party promise made in 2004. Also there is more good news. President Bush appointed Eric Keroack, a prolife medical director of a pregnancy center that helps women deliver live babies and advocates abstinence until marriage, to the position of the Health and Human Services' "family planning" division. Maybe with such men on the President's team and on the PROLIFE team, there will be some families in the US, to plan for! Remember the story of Gideon in the Bible when GOD won the victory with a handful of men? {Read Judges chapters 6-9 esp ch 7 in the King James Holy Bible]

Can't you just hear the wicked gnashing their teeth at this great news, that prolifers will never quit and that GOD is still at work and HE still wins HIS battles?

The basics of this from the, Nov 17, 2006.


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