Thursday, November 30, 2006

My response to the Pres of Iran and his letter to US

Dear President of Iran, Sir,
I address you as I would address the US President. The fact that you are the leader of a powerful nation that has the potential to lead one way or the other, certainly commands such respect and honor. I write to you as a white, Christian woman, who believes that GOD exists and that GOD judges all in HIS time and in HIS way. There are many words to write,but first I want to say that it is admirable that you have written to the American people. We the people of this nation are also in turmoil about many of the issues that also concern your nation and every Muslim nation. I am certain that reasonable people disagree; yet when the debate moves beyond talking points to the real issues, it is possible that compromises are possible in some win-win way for all. That is my prayer for this situation.
I read in your letter that Iran is offering to help America "exit" from Iraq and I would be very interested in knowing what precisely you mean by that statement? I am sure that liberty and justice for all, is GOD's plan for all, and I am equally certain that there is a right way and a wrong way to pursue goals. I do not wish to see America leave Iraq blowing in the wind like a wind sock, with an unstable government, nor do I want the image of America to be that of conqueror by any means. The goal in my mind always was the toppling of despotic power and murderous regimes and the replacement with peaceful governments that allow the people liberties of freedom of worship of GOD, freedom of speech and freedom of press. Sir, I have no objections to the nuclear power to heat homes and water, and provide your people a higher quality of life,and I also believe that if the world's other nations have nuclear power,then certainly Iran should also be able to defend themselves. Having written that, I would also pray that such power would not be used destructively.
I am certain that all leaders realize at some point in time that they "in charge" only to a degree, because GOD is the ultimate Creator of all, and the ultimate Judge of all, and HE moves us all about at HIS will and command. We, humans either glorify GOD and prosper, or refuse to glorify GOD and perish according to the words of Deuteronomy chapter 28.
Sir, do you seek to be an ally with America? Do you seek the well-being of all the human race? Do you have the love of GOD in your heart? These questions are important to all of us who inhabit the planet of this earth. I believe that GOD has raised you up for HIS purposes though exactly how that will "play out" remains to be seen. I pray for you and for all leaders that GOD may be your "Supreme Commander" for lack of a better word, or lack of the appropriate word that would precisely describe what I mean in Arabic.
signed gloria poole [RN] aka gloria poole pappas [RN]


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