Saturday, May 20, 2006

Thank you --200 True Hero Patriots in KY

Here is some exciting news*: 200 students defied a Judge's order not to pray, and prayed The Lord's prayer in their graduation ceremony. Doesn't that news thrill your soul? It does mine. They even interrupted the Principal's announcement that they could not pray by Court order with their outloud prayers; and caused the audience to erupt in thunderous applause. True Americans and true Patriots who know their First Amendment rights, I applaud you and thank you from the bottom of my heart! I pray that God will multiply the numbers of students in every school and University who openly defy wicked Judges who want to remove the worship of God and obedience to HIS laws, statues, and Judgements from the US.

If you read the story of Daniel in the Bible, you will see that attempting to prevent the worship of God and the prayers to God from HIS people, has occurred before. In that time in history,a decree was issued that none were "allowed" to pray to the ONE God. Daniel got in front of his window, bowed down and prayed openly, knowing they were watching to trap him, and to defy the order, and then refused to recant his prayer when given the "opportunity". He endured a night in the lion's den and The Lord protected him from destruction. I have always considered that record of events as the instructions of God of what believers should do when the government and its leaders are so wicked that they attempt to punish those who worship God. Do not ever forsake God for anybody or any reason. God is the protection and the defense for those who worship HIM in spirit and in truth.
* From the news article in the Rocky Mountain News today, May 20-th entitled, 'Students defy Judge, pray at graduation".


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