Tuesday, May 23, 2006

IS infanticide a so-called "right" ? NO

I intend for this post to make people think. Thinking is so rare in the US that it seems almost as if has been outlawed. Has it?

Think about this scenario that is one of the big legal events at present:

The US Supreme Court has decided to hear the case in which the US Appeals Court sided with the terrorists organizations of Center for Reproductive Rights in NYC, Planned Parenthood in NYC, and the American Communists Lawyers Union--oops! the American "civil Liberties" union; all radical and infidels. Before you ask why I write that they are infidels, let me answer. They believe that infanticide is the next "right" and they have petitioned the Supreme Court to implement another illegal law in the US to make the killing of nearly-born humans a "right". Does that not turn your stomach? Do you not want to hurl up your breakfast when you read of how taxpayer money supports organizations that kill innocent human beings, babies, FOR PAY are trying to create new wicked and false "rights" such as the "right" to infanticide [aka partial birth "abortion"] ? Planned Parenthood gets paid billions from about that many sources including all levels of government in the pretense of providiing "health care" that is nothing but a concerted and methodical attack against America by destroying its coming generations and its future. The nation that has no children coming along, has NO future! It is common sense. The ACLU, and Center for Reproductive "rights" that is really an abortion propaganda-lawfirm with the mission to force abortion on every woman of every nation that has so far kept the abortion wolf away from the door are taxpayer supported organizations intent on using legal expertize to totally annihilate all the nations' coming generations.

When you realize how wicked the wicked are in the US AND that they have the billions that it seems to take to buy "justice", if you are not bothered deep in your very soul, you are spiritually dead already. I Timothy 6:10 is written, "for the love of money is the root of ALL evil, which while some have coveted after, they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." That Scripture brings me back to my statement that those who kill innocent human beings, whether in the womb or outside it, are infidels. I know they are infidels because the Bible is absolutely clear on the subject and the words are not obscure, or variable in meaning, nor able to be spun to political propaganda. "THOU SHALT NOT KILL' is the Commandment of God who wrote the words in stone, with HIS own hand and gave them to Moses. The monotheistic religions of the Jews, the Muslims and the Christians respect and adhere to the words of God, and therefore those who do not are infidels.


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