Thursday, January 19, 2006

Alito is NOT Republican but represents world gov

There is no evidence that Alito is prolife whatsoever. Ted Kennedy voted for him twice already [ two previous confirmations] as being liberal enough to suit him and he is communist.
Alito admitted that he lied to get a job with Reagon. He had CAP on his resume and then denied ever being a member, caught in a second lie . Is that not called "resume-padding" by Executives and is it not frowned upon as deception?
He ruled against the baby in the womb four times already and sided with the abortionists and their propaganda machinery known as Planned Parenthood. That is the reason the demoncrats have pretended to all of a sudden find him acceptable. He is their altar boy, carrying their torch and always was. There is nothing Republican about him. Labeling him "conservative " to attempt to fool the public is deception also. He believes in Big Brother government, he believes in the control of the US by the world government of the catholics,he believes the US is not sovereign, he believes in illegal searches and seizures of computer files. Which of those principles is in the US Constitution? Let me go on...he believes the English language needs "interpreting" to English speakers thus implying that there is some kind of invisible code in the written words of the US Constitution and Amendments that only a Princeton communist alum can see. He believes that average citizens of the US cannot read. That was apparent when he did not state that the words "right to privacy" and the words "right to abortion" do not exist ANYWHERE in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. When he pledged to "interpret" the Constitution well, how much plainer can he make it that he intends to put his spin on it or I should say the spin of the proaborts: the wicked Kennedys, and the wicked Clintons, and that wicked John Kerry, and wicked Diane Feinstein, and wicked Barbara Boxer? I put the word wicked before their names because those who have the blood of MILLIONS of innocents on their hands surely must be wicked; and I do not want to be accidentally endorsing wickedness by omitting it.
Alito is not Republican but a RINO. He is not a believer in God or the Commandments of God or he would have said that killing of innocents is a sin against God. He is not prolife. He is not interested in moving the Court toward righteousness but toward more control* and that is why the Socialist-Dems pretended to suddenly decide he is ok. He was their candidate all along, but how is that the Republicans have fallen for the trick?
*That fact has already been demonstrated. Immediately after the dog and pony show of pretense, when the Supreme Court saw the "lay of the land" from the Senate Judiciary committee standpoint, they ruled that doctors could kill their patients. They must have been counting on a prodeather to be added to their numbers who would be willing to uphold such evil in the future, since saving their political faces is all they care about. Allowing doctors to kill is not a matter of "privacy" but of turning the government of the US against the elderly, sick and handicapped-- a very bad thing to do.If you read the book, The Nazi Doctors, you will see the progression of evil from abortion, to voluntary falsely named "assisted suicide" to forced euthanasia, to medical killing of those whose religion was not acceptable to the catholic pope.
signed gloria poole pappas [RN}