Friday, June 17, 2005

Praise God for Nat Assoc for Advancement of Preborn Children

Here is some of the best news I have heard in a long, long time! The National Association for the Advancement of Preborn Children [NAAPC] has filed a lawsuit in California on behalf of the rights of the preborn embryoes as a class, naming the preborn embryo "Mary Scott Doe" to connect the issue to the infamous Dred Scott decision of the Supreme Court that eventually brought about the civil war. The Dred Scott decision declared as a class that black people were not "persons" under the laws of the US at that time and declared them property of their "owners". The illegal usurpation of power by the US Supreme Court in 1973 [illegal because the US Constitution gives only Congress the authority to create law and only the people the right to amend the Constitution] declared the preborn humans as a class, as not persons but property of their mothers to be disposed of on whim. This lawsuit is the best and brightest hope of a future for America since it acknowledges the humanity of a human being created in the womb of a human woman and with the sperm of a human man and argues for the civil rights of the tiniest humans as a guarantee of the right to life for persons. Human embryoes are persons as a medical fact, and that was established decades ago. If killing of innocents with premeditation is a sin and a crime, then abortion is a sin and a crime. God said, "thou shalt not kill" period. [Exodus 20:13] Killing the tiniest, most defenseless citizens in the name of "rights" is so heinous a crime that is exceeds wickedness on any other level. The illegal decision of Roe created an Abortion Holocaust that is probably 10 times worst than the Nazi Holocaust and for anyone to pretend that such genocide is good for anybody, only shows their true colors of a wicked and corrupt heart.
Please pray that God in His wisdom and mercy will end the methodical murder of millions of innocents around the world through this lawsuit filed in Riverside California. Pray without ceasing that God will rule on behalf of the preborn through His appointed Judges. [basic info on this case from]


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