Thursday, June 30, 2005

Medecins Sans Borders and Reuters plea for children.

In today's Reuters Alert, the medical charity, Medecins Sans Borders [Doctors without borders] has issued an appeal for the help of the public in saving the lives of infants and children [and citizens] in the country of Niger. The long-term drought and the swarm of locusts last year that was of Biblical proportions has so reduced the food supply that the citizens have marched in protest and the nation is suffering. I quote from the article in Reuters, " "Children are dying from hunger today," said Johanne Sekkenes, head of mission for Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in Niger, a West African state on the Sahara's southern fringe...

MSF expects to care for more than 20,000 severely malnourished children this year. This is twice the figure of 2004. It is also one of our biggest nutritional operations for 30 years. MSF alone cannot deal with this emergency. Only a faster and more significant reaction from the donors," You can read the entire article either at the Medecins Sans Borders website [link provided] or on the Reuters news alerts for today. Please go online at the and donate to help feed the people of Niger whose little ones are starving. This must be a priority for any who call themselves Christian, Jew, or Muslim as our God, the ONE true God tells us to help those in need, and not to refuse when it is in our capacity to help. I ask you as a Christian and as a Registered Nurse to do something to make a difference in a world where the people are hungry and the children are dying. Even the ones who have "food" often eat a thin gruel of ground grain and water to subsist. Such subsistence is not good for their health and life long-term but of course it keeps them alive. Please do what you can to help.


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