Friday, June 03, 2005

The bad news is some States are corrupt..

A person should not live in any of these four states: California, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massuchusetts. There are others to be added to this list of infamy also. These four States legalized the killing of human embryoes for "research". Well, now, didn't Hitler use that same word, "research" to justify his crimes against humanity? Didn't he cause to happen such abominable research that disfigured and maimed and killed his human subjects and then told the world it was for research on twins, and mental illness? Didn't he do such abominable things in his reign of terror that the Jews collectively said, "never again" will they let such things happen? That being the case,why is Israel taking part in the abominable research on the tiniest humans? Why are the predominant Jewish financial institutions participating in funding the premeditated killing of human embryoes? Why are some of the world's reknown medical doctors who happen to be Jewish participating and pushing for "legalization" of such abominable events?

I am a Southern Baptist and in that capacity and more importantly as a believer in the Living Lord, I believe the words of Jesus who said, "even so, it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish." [Matthew 18:14] I am calling on the believers who believe in the ONE true God who is Spirit and Life,the Almighty God, Maker of heaven and earth, who came to earth in the flesh and who was named Emanuel,God with us, to rise up against the evil of embryonic stem cell research. Make your voices heard on this! Do not be a silent majority--be a loud, obnoxious if necessary, majority to stop the killing of innocents. Think of it this way: when you are kneeling before the Almighty God before His great white throne described in Revelations and He asks you why you did nothing to help the innocents in this Holocaust, will you say, "I didn't want to make a scene"? Or "I didn't want to offend anyone?" Or "I thought it was legal?"

Remember this: killing the Jews in the reign of terror of Hitler was legal. It was voted into being by the elected. Hitler was elected to office--he was not self-appointed, and he did not usurp unlawful power. He may have demanded and threatened but he did not usurp.The Reichstag voted into being whatever he wanted including labeling the Jews, making them wear those armbands, making them declare themselves for punishment, making them not intermarry, the racial purity laws, the whole gamut was legal. Let that sink into your heads and then pressure your US Legislators and your State Legislators to make illegal the killing of innocents without any further ado. Killing of innocents is always a sin against God and no religion based upon the true God allows it or condones it. If you are ambivalent on this issue, your heart is not right with God. In that case I ask you to pray and repent until you see this issue the way God sees it. God said "thou shalt not kill' [Exodus 20:13]


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