Thursday, May 19, 2005

Lots of good news today!

Lots of good news today: 1) California will put voter's initiative on the next ballot for parents to be notified when minors seek an abortion. 598,105 signatures were collected for the Tell a Parent campaign. Protecting the righs of parents to be making the decisions for their children is critical to success of the nation and hopefully the wisdom of the parents will prevail and the good ones will welcome grandchildren and there will be no abortions on minors. Good news #2, Texas House of Representatives approved a measure to require parental notification of minor's seeking an abortion. Their state senate has already approved a similar bill, Good news #3 Michigan is expected to approve Bill 4446 requiring an ultrsound before an abortion. The bill is sponsored by that smart man, Rep David Robertson. This gets the good news of the year award from me! It is the best common sense that any form of government has come up with in my professional opinion as a Registered Nurse. Good news #4 freedom is ringing all over the Arabic world. Bahrain has decided not to require bloggers to register with the government.


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