Friday, January 21, 2005

Thanks to Virginia Delegates Cole and Black

My thanks to State of Virginia Delegates Mark L Cole of Fredericksburg, who has authored a bill that states the Constitutional right to "enjoyment of life" is "vested in each born and preborn human being from the moment of fertilization." Delegate Richard H Black said, "you can see from the Presidential election that the American public are deeply concerned with the direction of our culture, and they are increasingly prolife and "a time is coming when abortion will end in America". Also Delegate Black said, "I don't know of anything the Nazis ever did that was more barbaric than what we [as a nation] do in performing these abortions....the fact remains that the child suffers pain. For the abortionist to go into some idealogical discussions is the height of cruelty." I am praying that these bold men will stand firm for life and not budge one iota from the truth!

Also, in Montana, Rep Penny Morgan, a Republican introduced HB 231, that would make it criminal to injure or kill a baby in the womb in an attack against the mother. Her bill supposedly mirrors the bill passed in California called the Laci and Connor [Peterson] bill.

Thank God that the winds of change are blowing across this nation, and pray that the heinous act of abortion in all its many gruesome forms, will be illegal again soon. Pray for God Himself to show Himself strong on behalf of the preborn humans, and shut down every killing center around the world.


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