Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Philadephia 4 on trial for reading Bible in public!

Well, we all knew it was only a matter of times before that ungodly 'hate crimes" bill was used to prevent the teaching of God's words! In fact, the only purpose of it is to undo the First Amendment rights of Christians! The wicked knew that and the Christians with an astute mind could see it coming too, but now it is here. In the city of Philadelphia, often called the "city of brotherly love",Christians have been arrested and are being prosecuted for reading from the Bible on public streets. Philadelphia should be renamed The City that hates God!
The four who were arrested on October 10th, 2004 for reading the Bible Scriptures that oppose homosexuality are: Michael Marcavage, Dennis Green, Mark Dienere, and James Cruse. They are bold and righteous men and I ask all of you to pray that they will be released from prison and congratulated for being bold men willing and able to suffer for their faith! The idea that homosexuality must be "tolerated" or "legalized" is such an affront to me and to any who believe the words of God. There are no ambiguities in God's words about what homosexuality is, i.e. an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22. Also, Romans chapter one ends with saying that those who do such things are "worthy of death". It is such an act of depravity that even dogs won't do it!t
The very idea that the Police of Philadelphia would arrest Christians for exercising First Amendmenr rights should tell you that the Police Depts of this nation are NOT taught the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights but instead Big Brother bullying tactics! And raw police power as a job description. Will the US let this unprecedented act of aggression against Christians go unopposed? I sure hope not!
Write the Mayor Philadelphia at fax number 215-686-2180; Also, please write the District Attorney who compounded the insult to injury by changing the charges from "obstruction" * to "criminal conspiracy"in order to be able to charge the men with felonies. His email address is And write to US Senator Rick Santorum by using url and click on the "contact me" links.

* The real obstruction came about when the "Pink Angels" homosexual radicals surrounded the Christians and attempted to block their egress and their message. The police there did not charge the perpetrators of the obstruction but the ones who were obstructed! Surely that is an unconstitutional show of force against Christians! And that is illegal according to the 14th
civil rights amendment! Pray without ceasing that philadelphia will be inundated with calls, faxes, and protests and more Christians than ever before will flood into there and speak the truth of God on every street. Let the Christians rise up and take this nation back while it still can be done. Communism which is the underlying goal of those who work the "separate and divide" principle is not an improvement on liberty. "Now The Lord is that Spirit and where the Spirit of The Lord is,there is liberty." II Corinthians 3:17


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