Monday, January 10, 2005

Emergency Condoms for the UN, they cry.

According to news sources, SPUC [Society for the Protection of Unborn Children] and C-Fam, the UN Population Fund has asked for $28 million dollars to hand out emergency condoms as a solution to Tsunami survivors! Their "reproductive" kits also include abortion inducing drugs including the dangerous morning after pill, and "portable abortion kits". If that fact does not make you stop and think what the real agenda of the UN is, nothing will.

In any life-threatening crisis, is the first thought on any man or woman's mind, "oh let us stop and copulate"? I do not think so! I think the life threat to the nations of a Tsunami that killed nearly 150,000 or a 150,000 depending on what sources, has probably not caused the first and foremost response to be elimination of the population in the future.

The UN said that they needed that much to "reestablish their reproductive health care". Well, anyone who knows God would ask the obvious question: maybe it was their "reproductive health care" aka abortion clinics that brought the wrath of the Tsunami in the first place, and maybe Asia is better off without any baby-killing activities. Does God bless those nations that kill the innocents?

Remember God's words, "be fruitful and multiply" in Genesis 1:27-28.

Also, thank yous to International House of Pancakes in Englewood, Colorado, for their placemats that have written across the top, "be fruitful and multiply" in big, bold letters. Thank God that some companies are waking up to the economic reality of a flat-line population growth, that abortion on demand brought to this nation, and doing something to counteract it.


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