Monday, January 24, 2005

Conflict of Interests for Public Schools

According to an article by The Denver Herald-Dispatch news on January 20,2005, entitled "Amgen Award nominations are due Jan 31 for science teaching excellence." Amgen, a biotech company that "discovers, develops, manufactures, and markets important HUMAN therapeutics" is planning "unrestricted cash awards of $5,000" to teachers, who "seriously impact" students. Now, I ask you if that sounds fishy to you, because it certainly does to me! Why are the students who are in school because of mandatory attendance requirements, not necessarily of free will, being subjected to teaching that violates morals of most of this nation's citizens? Also, why is Amgen. a controversial biotech company, allowed to decide what constitutes good teaching? Why are the public school teachers allowed to take cash from a marketing company? That would be considered a conflict of interest in most professions. Where are the loyalties for the teaching goals going to be set?

Most teachers who are tenured would not be fired no matter how terrible they are, or what they teach or how many students fail, so do teachers see the Amgen "awards" program as just another source of income, i.e if they teach the subjects Amgen considers important,and "choose" the students whose work uphold the goals of Amgen, such as indoctrination into the use of embryonic stem cells as "cure" for anything, then will they be "awarded" [bribed] $5000, thus raising their income?

I think the whole idea of any company using the students as ways to increase their market share of anything via the use of "authority figures" required by federal law, is wrong. Students are supposed to get a true education and not a brainwashing into consumers for certain brand names for any company. Students are supposed to learn to think for themselves, not spout out propaganda for Planned Parenthood, parent of ??Amgen and how many other companies built upon the blood and tissues of human babies, aborted.

Also I found this news interesting from the UK version of the BBC Janueary 24,2005: The UK is paying 270,000 students up to 30GBP per week to stay in school! Socialism has taken a new turn for the schools--paying the students to attend! I find that as shocking news as once I read where students were "sentenced to school " as a punishment for crimes in the US! Article entitled "Students get 100 GBP bonus payment" .

Also, another article shows how desperate some nations are becoming to increase their birth rates, when what they should do is make abortion illegal. From the UK version, BBC news, January 24,2004, article, "Lib Dem plan to help new mothers" is a plan to give women who have a first baby a weekly benefit of 170GBP for 6 months time, in order to help them afford children. On the one hand, anything that encourages women to produce live babies is GOOD, but on the other hand, for sustainability into the future, it would seem that the Legislators would realize the best solution that would not cost the UK taxpayers a dime, is to make abortion illegal! Then women would have children without government interference ! It has always worked that way.


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