Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Prince Saud's remarkable words

Prince Saud of Saudi Arabia delivered a speech at the Forum of the Future in Rabat, Morocco on Dec 11th, 2004, to representatives of many nations, including the US Sec of State, Colin Powell. I asked for permission from the Saudi Embassy to reprint part of it and they granted it to me. The words of the leaders of the world are important especially when those leaders have direct influence on a billion people. Excerpts from the speech are: "At the outset, let me state firmly that I believe there can never be a clash of civilizations between us...It is a contradiction in terms. Civilizations are not competing products in the market place but rather the collective effort of human genius built on cumulative contributions from many cultures. We are all indebted to the ingenuity of great men...There is no argument between us either regarding the universality of the values of liberty, equality, and fraternity, or the Jeffersonian democratic ideals or Wilsonian principle of self determination. Our Arab and Islamic Heritage incorporates most of these values. ..We, in Saudi Arabia firmly believe that modernization and comprehensive political, economic and social reforms are badly needed in our part of the world. We are fully aware that partial, minor and isolated reforms or cosmetic changes are not sufficient in this regard..The real bone of contention is the longest conflict in modern history...leave the meeting with hope...building a true partnership for progress and a common future." The entire speech is available at The speech is worth reading. I abbreviated it since this is a blog but the entire words reveal a reasoned mind and a willingness to make peace work and an awareness of the way the world sees Saudi Arabia. It is in the best interests of all nations and those who believe in God, to pray for peace and to work to achieve it. My tiny part is typing out the words of a Leader, Prince Saud of Saudi Arabia, who deserves respect as he is the leader of his nation as Pres Bush is the leader of this nation.

Also in the US a wonderful example of God-fearing leadership is Circuit Court Judge Ashley McKathan, of Montgomery Alabama, who had made for him a Judge's robe with the Ten Commandments sewn in. He wore the robe to Court this past Monday, saying "you can't divorce the law from the truth..The Ten Commandments can help a Judge know the difference between right and wrong." Isn't this wonderful? Righteous bold men standing up to be counted for God!

Also, Canadian Columnist David Warren remarking on the efforts by the Dutch to legitimize their ungodly Groningen Protocol of killing "terminally ill" by human's opinion babies, said, "the public morals of the Dutch have shot off the 'slippery slope' and into free fall." Then regarding the poll that The Globe and Mail took asking Canadians if they thought medical teams wanting to do away with the critically sick infants were on the "right track" and finding that 3 in 4 Canadians said "yes", he said, " I would place Canadians just behind them [the Dutch] . approximately on the chute itself, with nothing left to stop us but the earth beneath." Excerpts from article, "Dutch says Child Euthanasia Happening Around the World' reported in LifeSite News, Dec 15th,2004.

We, citizens who live in the world have to cling to the truth of God, and teach it. We have to exalt true and righteous leaders who seek peace and civilization. We have to begin the process of finding common ground in order to avoid complete destruction of our civilizations. We have to make sure the pagans and infidels [those who reject God] are not making the rules. We must all be bold for God and for our nations.


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