Sunday, December 19, 2004

New CDC report may help some with AIDS

New CDC, NIH and HIV Medicine Association Guidelines Report entitled, "Treating Opportunistic Infections Among HIV Infected Adults and Adolescents" MMWR Report, Dec 14,2004, 53 (RR15):1-112. I am including just basic data presented to notify public such a report exists but the report itself is 112 pages long. This is an "evidence based" report of Clinical manifestations and recommended treatments , drawn from a study of Europeans, Latin Americans, Africans and Asians. The report discusses ART (antitroviral therapy as the "cornerstone of strategy", in treating opportunistic infections including crytosporidiosis, microsporaidiosis, multifocal leukoencephalopathy, and Kaposi sarcoma, and also includes recommendations for pregnant women. One specific recommendation for all pregnant women is that all should be screened for syphilis on their first prenatal exam. Full report at

Washington Post article, entitled, "Doctor Convicted of Drug Charges" by Jerry Markon, Dec 16,2004 ,gives details of the case before the Court. In my opinion, it shows exactly why the current push by groups such as "end of life" toward the misuse of narcotics to cause death in the pretense to "relieve pain" is bad medicine! Article is about Dr. William E. Hurwitz, who has been found guilty of drug trafficking and in such a way that it caused the death of one patient, and seriously injured two others. US District Court Judge Leonard D. Wexler revoked Dr. Hurwitz's $2 million bond and the doctor is in custody of US Marshals. I applaud the government for the decision to prevent the perversion of health care to death care, or to tolerate/allow the deliberate misuse of narcotics and other drugs.

Operation Outcry, Silent NO more is going to the US Supreme Court to overturn Roe decision hopefully! Praise God for this news. Pray that the government will also do the right thing in this situation and end the merciless slaughter of millions of human beings in their mother's wombs. Roe decision is the 20th Century version of Herod of the Bible slaughtering the babies. It is waaaaaaaaaaaay past time to stop "abortion as a right" since premeditated, killing of innocents should be a crime.


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