Thursday, November 04, 2004

"In the beginning, God....

created the heaven and the earth." Genesis 1:1
I think of this very first Scripture in the Holy Bible, because it says right up front who was in the beginning; GOD! and then it says HE created the heaven and the earth. It puts first things first. And because I love God and His creations, I am glad Pres Bush won! He has consistently spoken life to the innocent creations which God has created, those in their mother's wombs. He has signed into law the legislation that was wrangled through that proabort US Senate to protect the innocent as pitiful as it was, but now praise God! The US Senate has seven more prolife Senators and the battle is going to continue! The "battle" for the souls and bodies of the innocents is going to continue--there is not going to be any let up!
Let me say now publicly a thank you and a plea to these new prolife US Senators: 1) Mel Martinez of Fl, 2) Johnny Isakson, of Ga (who needs to be more bold as a prolifer!) 3) Dr.Tom Coburn of Ok, 4) Jim Demint of SC, 5) David Vitter of Louisiana.6) John Thune of S.Dakota [who beat that wicked proabort Tom Daschle who is the first Senate Majority leader in 50 yrs to be kicked out of office]. My plea is this: that you fight tooth and nail for the cause of the right to life for all humans as defined by those possessing human DNA; that you never compromise the truth, that you never make any agreements with the devil in the form of Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, Ken Salazar or any proabort or lobbyist for Planned Parenthood! That you never sell out America or its upcoming generations for any reason! That you never quit in the battle to end this Abortion Holocaust of 46,000,000 dead US citizens! And to Ken Salazar of Colorado, I have this to say: shame on you! You have sold out God, and your "church" and even your own family, planning to abandon your family for your political power ! May God divide the house of Colorado both on the US level and in the State for its stubbon refusal to adhere to the words of God, in "thou shalt not kill' in Exodus 20:13 . May the power of God come down on the side of the righteous in this nation and everywhere, in every kingdom and power of the world, that God will show Himself strong on behalf of those who work to save lives and end the killing of innocents., until the wicked are forced to admit that God reigns!


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