Friday, November 05, 2004

Also thank you to these Prolifers...

I want to say a public Thank You to every prolife person. Legislator, Public Speaker, writer, and advocate. The battle is not won yet but we are making progress and I give God the glory for that! The rightness of our cause will carry us through and we will prevail! We will end the merciless killing of innocents in their mothers' wombs in this nation and God willing, around the world too.
Now let me add these to the list of Prolife Public Servants: Richard Burr of NC, Mitch Daniels new Governor of Indiana, Matt Blunt, new Governor of Missouri, Joe Manchun, new Governor, of West Virginia.
Please all of you remember that the Prolife President Bush gained more votes than any Candidate for President in the history of the US--58 MILLION.
Also while you are at it, ask the CDC for its reports entitled :1) "Transmission of Primary and Secondary syphilis by oral sex--Chicago Illinois, 1998-2002 about MSMs (men who have sex with men-the new medical buzz word for homosexuals) account for nearly 60% of the patients with primary and secondary syphilis. and report #2) "High Risk Sexual Behaviour by HIV Positive Men who have Sex with Men-16 sites, United States, 200-2002. 3) " Alcohol-attributable Deaths and Years of Potential Life Lost, United States, 2001", that says 75,766 deaths resulted that year from alcohol use making it the "third leading cause of preventable deaths in the US." And then use these reports as ammunition to shut down the promotion of homosexuality as either a right or a lifestyle and also regulate alcohol use or make it illegal. It is wickedness for governments through the long arm of the law via the government schools and libraries, to promote sin and vice with taxpayer's dollars.. Homosexuality,which God calls an abomination, is a deadly lifestyle. And abortion, another deadly way of life for the innocent baby and increasingly for the mother who "chose" it is pure evil. Can citizens in the United States "choose to sin" with the government's blessing? And should the taxpayers foot the bill for sin and corruption by paying via Medicaid for the results of homosexuality and abortion as a "elective surgical procedure" and the aftermath of treatment for all the ramifications of both sins?


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Can I post this at my website?

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Yes, post it any place you like either as inline text or with a link, just include my name and contact data for comments and feedback. I write for the glory of God always and so give permission to link too or reprint it as long as I am given credit for the authorship of it. Thanks for asking! gloria

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