Saturday, October 30, 2004

What did Bin Laden mean on his video?

Yesterday, I saw the news at least in abstract about the video made by Bin Laden. My husband saw it somewhere and described it as : he was gentlemanly, soft-spoken, dressed decently, no weapons, calm. I thought that too but then I did not see the video--just read the abstracts in the online news. I have always believed the Muslims want to know God if they don't know Him. They seem to be a fervent people, striving to be pleasing to the Almighty ONE GOD, and for that reason, I do not fault them. I live in America too, and I realize all the turmoil of millions of broken marriages,latch-key children, 46,000,000 million aborted baby citizens, the brainwashed public school children --brainwashed to believe that loving God is foolish and that there are many gods. I see all around me the evidence of what I think the Muslim culture rebels so at: the disintegration of families as a unit of society, the "tolerance" of homosexuality at least in the mainstream media and some Activist Judges and lawyers, the bars sellling liquor on every street of the City,the ungodly killing centers known as "abortion providers" and the irreverance for God and His Commandments which to me is the most vile offense possible, the ungodly "entertainment" that a person who doesn't want it, has to relentlessly fight against to prevent it. All of these characteristics of American culture today also appall me! The fight of the Muslims or at least some of them, against what they call 'the great satan" is justified in my mind. My only hope is that they can and do discern which of us serves the Living Lord God, and which of us as a nation don't. It is not the principle of the true and Just God to punish the righteous along with the wicked according to Abraham's words so long ago, when he pleaded with God not to destroy the innocent, righteous people after God told Abraham of His plans to destroy Sodom and Gomorrha for homosexual depravity. Should America be chastised for its blatant sin and unrepentance after so many of us believers in the Words of God have begged and pleaded for us as a nation, to turn back to God and to HIS words and HIS COMMANDMENTS before God sends HIS wrath, in whatever way HE chooses? I have believed for many years now that a Judgement Day is coming to America, a day when God makes right all the wrongs for the sake of the righteous living here. I believe God's Words are true and I believe Galatians 6:7 ,which is written, "be not deceived. God is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." I know that IF God uses the Muslims and the men like Osama bin Laden to chastise America, it will be God's decision and God's doing. However I pray for God to also give a spirit of discernment to any and all in the "war on terror" that the innocents, the righteous, and the children in their mothers' wombs are not destroyed, on either side of the battleground. That is my prayer--for God's mercy on those who love HIM and who do their best to obey and stay in the WORD of GOD.


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