Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I am alive but criminals reported me dead

I have not written on this blog for several months because I am moving beyond the awful Pappas years of my life. I have steadily written on other blogs of mine however. You may follow me on twitter : @gloriapoole; and also read my blogs or some of them; at :
and view my paintings/sketches/drawings I painted on these sites of mine:
gloriapoole.com [on subdomain repository sites of it]
Also, I added my comment to the public website for Senator Ball of NY , today at:
on 21-June-2011;9:24am.
Also I know that liars,thieves and reprobates reported me as dead as they tried to steal bank accounts, content of mine on some of my websites, and my very name. I am very much alive, and I have not quit writing on the prolife cause or speaking/writing in opposition to sins of sodomy/ lesbianism and abortion. I have no intention of quitting those causes. If the method changes of necessity [because there is no such thing as secure websites made of air and ink ] then I will speak from podiums about this.
Gloria Poole,RN, artist in oils, photographer of my genre scenes of mountains,flowers, alien spaceships [yes,it's true] and sunsets, skies, clouds, and of my paintings /sketches/drawings I sketch,draw, paint in oils, acrylics, watercolors, powdered pastels. pen/inks, etc. In time GOD will avenge me of the criminals who broke into my computers, and into my hosting accounts, and into my emails, and into my life; and the particular felon-cocaine-addict I was once married too [second marriage,now divorced from] will go to the federal penitentiary eventually.
Gloria Poole; 10:18am;21-June-2011;At my apt in Missouri


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