Friday, October 08, 2010

Reject Character assassination of Southern Bapt Christians

I read often of how Muslims and Jews are morally outraged and 'offended' that word they love when someone suggests whether intentionally or not that they are somehow true to their beliefs in preferring their own religions to the worlds and thereby offending an atheist somewhere. Today I read a quote that is repugnant and very offensive spoken apparently by a staffer working for incumbent Harry Reid of Nevada who is an enemy of the unborn/preborn and also of Christians and also of heterosexuals. And I quote it here so you may see for yourself how awful it is. This quote is a radical character assassination by a Reid staffer about southern Baptist Sharron Angle running against Reid in Nevada, quoted in the AP news on Yahoo news online today:

"The fact that Sharron Angle believes American cities have been taken over by militant terrorist organizations that are ruling our citizens under Sharia law shows a terrifying lack of connection with reality and a willingness to subscribe to conspiracy theories that demonstrates she's far too extreme
and dangerous to represent Nevada in the U.S. Senate," spokesman Kelly Steele said."

To attempt to label a Southern Baptist who calls a terrorist dangerous as dangerous herself is very radical. And it is character assassination and it is the norm for those who have been decades in abuse of power in Washington DC. Vote out of office Harry Reid please and get a Southern Baptist who believes that abortion is a sin against GOD in his place. And a Southern Baptist who beleives that terrorists have no place in America in his place. And a Southern Baptist who believes that heterosexual couples are best for America in his place. Vote for Sharron Angle and boot that vile Reid out of office.
Gloria Poole,RN ; at home in Missouri; 7:59AM;8-Oct-2010


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