Monday, March 22, 2010

Secession only recourse from Big Brother Govt??

I watched c-span last evening as the democrats controlled the debate totally cutting off Republican questions and the temporary speakers refusing to answer questions. I watched the mockery of justice. I am not proud of Congress at all because it made a way to subsidize the killing of the innocents in the womb. I think that decision sets the U S on a path in the crosshairs of GOD HIMSELF who said HE avenges innocent blood. I think it will be a prelude to another war and probably on U S soil as was the civil/domestic war. I thought there were some republicans who gave wonderful speechs about why republicans and prolifers oppose the Obama-Pelosi killing plan. And I wonder what was the price tag for that Stupak trick? What was his 'deal' that bought his vote? Since he sold out. Also I noticed that almost every state had some representatives against it and some for it--a house divided. I also noticed that they did not declare the roll call vote of who voted how,on the wicked Senate bill to hide their votes from nation.
I took 24 pages of notes on it and want to write them but this is a preliminary if you want to call it that.
The Representatives I liked as they talked are Rep Eric Cantor of Virginia who said 'the government should stop spending money it doesn't have" and the government 'must not force those who fundamentally oppose abortion to pay for it."
And Rep Phil Roe of Tennessee who said the bill was a 'massive expansion of government' and that 37 states including Tennessee intended to challenge it at the Supreme Court level.
Rep Kevn McCarthy of California's 22nd district said Washington borrow 43 cents of every dollar it spends.
Rep Cathy McMorris Rogers of Washington State said US is on a 40% deficit spending ration, and that is unsustainable [as it would be for a household too]. And she quoted former President Ford as saying 'a government big enough to give you everything you want it big enough to take it all away."
Rep Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginis said the Congress and Obama had many broken promises and millions of unfunded mandates; and called this bill 'generational debt' that will burden the next [coming] generations for 3 or 4 generations, and urged 'stop the bill'.
Rep Paul Ryan of Wisconsin was excellent. I loved his inclusion of the reference from founding documents that our 'rights' as citizens devolve from nature and nature's GOD". He said also the bill would make most of the population dependent upon the federal government [ through the bank takeover, automobile industry takeover, the dept of education was taken over decades ago] and now the health care industry takeover, and that the bill would create a European welfare state and cause yet another debt crisis. He called it unconscionable and so do I. It is a plan to depopulate and ruin America and the enemies of America must be thrilled.
Rep Lummis of Wyoming said the bill creates 20 new taxes, moves Tricare the plan that provides health care for veterans and their families away from DoD supervision, and transfers the interest of student loans from banks [causing more bank meltdowns no doubt since most of nation has those debts] to the federal government.
Rep John Kline of Minnesota said in his district the ratio of those opposed to those for the bill was 13 to 1.
Rep Scott Garrett of New Jersey said the bill is unconstitutional since Congress has not legitimate authority to mandate what citizens have to buy.
Dr Tom Price of Ga who is a Medical Doctor said this bill violates every principle of good health care and the trust between doctor and patient will be permanently damaged by this bill because it requires government to tell or allow doctors to do anything.
Rep Brown_Waite of Fl said it will increase premiums, increase national debt, increas taxes cut Medicare benefits raid Social Security,cut benefits to anyone on any plan.
Rep Nunes of California said it is socialized medicine and that 'absolute control over health care' by government.
Rep Tiberi of Ohio said it only adds 32 million to the system called 'broken'.
Rep John Linder of Ga's said the bill is not about health care but government control.
Rep /medical doctor Gingrey of Ga's 11th district was one of the strongest opponents to it, saying he had delivered 5300 babies and believes this bill to be harmful to the nation. He said the bill 'penalizes poor families' .
Rep Gomert [?sp} of Texas said it is government takeover of health care.
Rep [Ms or Mrs?} Bachman of Minnesota called it 'dangerous".
Rep Dan Lungren of California warned that the President's executive order/trick to buy Stupak's vote is unenforceable and meaningless. That President only has the authorized power to veto or sign a bill and not create new laws by himself, and he reminded nation of how contemptous Obama was of Bush for executive orders,reminding nation of how wishy-washy and treacherous Obama is.
Rep Paul Broun of Athens Ga said the 'simple truth [this bill] is a killer..kills over 5 million jobs, kills economic freedom, kills family budget, kills our future since it funds abortions with taxpayer dollars" and he said we should 'kill the bill.'
Rep Sullivan of Oklahoma said it provides for 500 Billion new taxes and takes/steals 500 Billion from Medicare.
Rep Nathan Deal of GA said it is unconstitutional mandate on the states and will increase Medicaid greatly.
Rep David Dreier of California asked for roll call vote on Senate bill [which was ignored I think they recorded them electronically but did not cause them to answer as roll was called to declare their votes publicly]. He was a good speaker too.
Rep Roy Blunt of Missouri said the trillion dollars collected in new taxes and stolen from Social Security [from the poorest nation in decades] will be spent in only 6 years.
Rep Tom Cole of Oklahoma said it takes $523 Billion from Medicare to divert it to a new entitlement.
Rep Lincoln Dias-Balart of Fl said ir raids Medicare and is a 'fiscal catastrophe" and that the 'standard of living and the middle class will be historical memories." The plan will impoverish the middle class for certain.
I am writing backwards from my notes started with last page going forward and will have to continue this later. There were some good prolife efforts in the earlier pages and I want to include those too.

Gloria Poole : Missouri; time is 6:47 AM,22-March-2010


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