Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Reform" pays for s-e-x drugs for s.offenders? I am MAD!

I am mad as h-ll about all of this news today:
This tidbit of news from Yahoo news today, quoting that article:
"By 57-42, Democrats rejected an amendment by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., barring federal purchases of Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs for sex offenders. Coburn said it would save millions..." Letting se-xu-al offenders out of prison in California AND giving them stimulants smacks of stupidity to me but hey, it's that fake Pelosi leadership at work.

And last evening I read several of the articles in CNN, Yahoo, Google about the 'reform' plan of Obama-Pelosi and this is what I gleaned from those articles:
if you are not sick you'll love the plan since it has no deductible for well people seeking services 'to prevent disease';
if you are sick, you new deductible might be $5000+ even for Medicare insured folks;
If you are an employer and you don't offer insurance /provide for insurance to your employees you will be penalized $2000 per employee so there will be fewer and fewer jobs in America;
If you don't pay the mandatory taxes to insurance [a mandatory payment ordered by a government is a TAX] then you will be fined from $695-> up to 2.5% [recheck that figure ] of your income as a fine in the Court of health care I guess.
The four new 'boards' to supervise your health care will make millions.
Unknown how badly Medicare will be impoverished yet, since it has been postponing treatments for some people already, for years.
These are the Representatives in the US house that opposed the radical rewrite of the health care delivery system in America:
Rep Nathan Deal of GA
Rep Joe Barton of Texas
Rep Whitfield of Ky, 1st district
Rep Shadagg
Rep Buchanan of Tx
Rep David Dreier of Calif
Rep Simpson
Rep Roy Blunt of Mo
Rep Buyer of Indiana
Rep Mary Bono of Calif
Rep Sensenbrenner of Wisc
Rep Sullivan of OK
Rep Paul Broun of GA
Rep Jennifer Schmidt of Ohio
Rep Schaster [? spelling of name]
Rep Campbell of Calif
Rep Hensarling of Tx
Rep Flake of Arizona
Rep Griffith of Alabama,5th district
Rep Latta
REp ?? of Texas [did not catch name]
Rep Poe of Tx 2nd district
Rep Garrett
Rep Wittman of Virginia
Rep Diaz-Balart of Florida
Rep Bachman of Minnesota
Rep Kaufman of Colorado
Rep Hoesfra [?unsure spelling of name]
Rep King of Iowa
Rep Burton of Indianopolis
Rep ?? of California [did not catch name]
Rep Gomert of Texas
Rep Dan Lungren of Calif
Rep VillaRekes [??unsure spelling of name or pronunciation of it]
Rep ?? of Alabama [did not catch name in fast sequence that day]
Rep Aiken of St Louis MO
Rep Thompson of Pennsylvania
Rep Carter of Tx
Rep Cathen of Iowa [unsure spelling]
and more to add but saving entry first:
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 7:47 Am ;25-March-2010
Representative opposed to bad rewrite of Constitution:
Rep Joseph Pitts of Pennsylvania
Rep Rogers of Ky
Rep ___ of Tenn
Rep Gingrey of GA;
Rep Scalese
Rep Mike Rogers of Michigan
Rep Burgess of Texas
Rep Levin of Michigan
Rep Dave Camp of Michigan
Rep Wally Herger of Calif
Rep Johnson of Texas
Rep Kevin Brady of Texas 8th district'
Rep John Linder of GA
Rep Nunes of Calif
Rep Tiberi of Ohio, 12th district
Rep Rnn Kind of Wisc, 3rd district
Rep Brown-Waite of FL
Rep/M D Tom Price of GA, 6th district
Rep Lummis of Wyoming
Rep Paul Ryan of Brett Guthrie of KY
Rep Kevin McCarthy of Calif
Rep Cathy McMorris Rogers
Rep Shelley Moore Capito of W Virginia
Rep Phil Roe of Tenn
Rep Eric Cantor of Virginia
Rep __ of NY
Rep Smith of NJ [prolifer]
Rep Virginia Foxx of NC, 5th district
Rep Dennis Cardoza of Calif
saving again, to continue...
those opposed to bad 'reform ' bill that rewrites the Constitution and affects every industry in America:
Rep Tom Cole of OK
Rep Jack Kingston of GA
Rep Todd Tiahrt of Kansas
I am going to add more to this because I want the American people to know how this 'reform' bill was railroaded through Congress by ignoring or stifling republican opposition to it, and how the dems tried to create a one-party tyranny over the nation.
Continued with those opposed to radical 'reform' bill :
Rep Marsha Blackburn of Texas
Rep Dale Kildee of Michigan said he would not compromise his soul to vote for a bill that paid for abortions with taxpayers' money.
Rep Joe Wilson of SC who was rudely cut off in middle of his time by the temporary speaker who was Rep Jay Inslee of Washington at that time I think. The speaker functions rotated since the real speaker was wheeling and dealing with Obama in dereliction of the duties assigned to her paid job.
Rep Paul Ryan said the only possible outcome of the reform would be rationing of all ssrvices [ my note:if insurers cannot refuse any patient or cap services they would have to stretch every penney paid in; it's nazi medicine in the making].
Rep Ryan also called it a 'fiscal Frankenstein]" [morphing unexpectedly into a harmful entity.]
Continued with those opposed to takeover of America by socialists:
Rep Darrell Issa of Calif who said it violated the earmarks rule of "rule 21" of the US House of Representatives rules but they sort of ignored that too.
I already stated that Rep Poe of Texas was opposed but he said that no where in the Constitution does Congress have the authority to force purchases by citizens of anything.
Update at 9:28 after reading article in Wall St Journal via Google news:
"Pristine opposition is being spun as a Republican liability. It looks
to me like a Republican resurrection. The party hasn’t yet discovered
what it should be, but this clearly was a party discovering what it
cannot be.
Put it this way: If you produce a bill that Olympia Snowe of Maine
cannot vote for, you have not produced legislation “for the generations.”
You have not even produced legislation that is liberal. You have
produced legislation from the left. You have produced once-in-a-lifetime
legislation that no Republican from any constituency across
America could vote for."
Quote from this article in the Wall St Journal on line news via Google news today:
Please read entire article--it sums up the deal of 'reform' as :
democrats = state power
republicans =people power
9:21 AM 3/25/2010
And how about the Pentagon which is supposed to be the seat of the military becoming the protectors of sodomites and perverted people? Do you feel safer yet? Don't you just hate the idea of the US Military becoming one giant hotbed of perverted individuals all patting each others' behinds and watching them as they shower? I cannot think of a more effective way to destroy the nation and cause contempt around the world for the US Military than the news today that the Pentagon is going soft on such perverted individuals when they discover them. The US Military as pansy force of the world? P-L-E-A-S-E get a grip on reality America!


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