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NYT fake public forum:thanks for Cao firm no; Barbara the blimp

These are my comments that I logged into the NY Times to add to the blog The Caucus that was at this morning, that they have not posted by moderator yet and seem to be censoring. I am adding them here to document illegal censorship of prior restraint of prolife views, that is unconstitutional on the face of it. Censorship routinely of one segment of the population in an advertized add your comments to a public discussion is unconstitutional. I am a member of the public citizenry and a US citizen, and an educated one being a Registered Nurse and with a business degree from Univ of Georgia. These are my comments:
Several comments and responses:
1) The US is a republic not a democracy. A democracy would be similar to all citizens voting by internet on each bill. We as nation have elected representatives to decide public law.
2) The US Congress is not a single party. The push-pull of our system is supposed to be a checks and balances against corruption or against the tyranny of the mass hysteria, or of any particular despotic leader.
3) The US Constittution defines the real laws and any new 'right' that attaches to all citizens must be written as an amendment to the Constitution and voted on by the people in every state and if 2/3 of the states' populations vote yea, then it is ratified, otherwise it dies. There is no such right as the right to health care nor is there any such right as the right to abortion since neither of those were ever voted on by the voting poplution of this country. The U S Supreme Court has no authority to create new public laws.
4) What is best for this nation is best for any nation and the number one thing a nation has to do to survive is reproduce humans. Any public law has to be viewed in worst case scenario that if every individual in the nation believed it and adhered to it, if the end result would be death of the nation. that is a bad law. The health care bill being debated in limited controlled deceptive ways is a very BAD policy because if every woman in America believed that was legal was also moral and followed the law then the US would cease to exist in a couple of generations. There would be no future generations, no future taxpayers, no need for government because the majority of the population in US is already in their 60's.
5) Abortion is not health care but premeditated merciiless slaughter of the innocents in the womb. As such it should never be codified as a right any more than say there would be a 'right' to kill those in Congress whom the nation did not "want". The wantedness of an human cannot determine whether or not the person has the right to life. Each human is wanted by GOD who created each human being and developed in the womb to HIS specfications. See :
for some photos of how humans look in the womb, and amniotic sac.
6) A nation that cannot or will not protect its tiniest most defenseless citizens cannot and will not protect any other citizen either. If the US cannot protect innocent human babies, who could it protect? What cause would be worthwhile if not human life?
7) The health care bill is bad for many other reasons:
a) it is an unconstitutional attempt to control the income of the citizens and mandate what they must buy. There is no authority for Congress to mandate any expenditures for any citizen of any product or service. If the nation allows the usurpation of the Constitution then anarchy reigns. If the nation accepts rule by mass mob of hysteria pumped up by Obama and democrats' spin machines and p.r. campaigns then as a nation we have by definition become not a nation of order and law, but a nation where whoever has the biggest fund for pumping propaganda into the nation, has the power . Remember how Hitler accomplished what Obama is doing by going town to town? Hitler did the same went from town to town but because mass media was in its infancy he used megaphones while standing on the back of trucks to spread his p.r. that the Jews were the problem with the nation. Obama's scapegoat is a primarily private system where one has the health care one could afford. That is also true of cars, or houses, or jewelry or any thing or service. Why should health care be different?
b) The U S Congress could write a bill without including abortion as a newly defined 'right' or as a 'health care' since it is not, and it could make it voluntary for people to join the government exchanges or for those disabled or too old to work as Medicare was intended to begin with and not raid those monies paid into by working citizens and expect it to pay the catastrophic events in health care that enable a person to live and not encourage death with dignity as the current phrase that is used to promote death as health care, says.
c) The enormous amount of paperwork of that bill is a GIANT clue that is a major redefinition of every aspect of health care,and the paperwork would be continued into every doctor's office, every hospital, every health care provider. Many doctors have for years complained that they had to hire another staffer with special skills in writing to do the paperwork involved for Medicare/caid and most do not like it. It extends their work load, controls their patients, decides who gets what procedure or medical service and when, and how much the doctor gets paid or if he gets paid.
d) Insurance does not heal anybody. It only pays for services. Services could be acquired and are acquired in a variety of ways already.
e) It creates a monopoly of health care at govt control of if,who, how,when.
Gloria Poole,Missouri; time is 7:14 AM,20-March-2010;
Update at 9:45 AM after reading article in LA Times:
The tricks of the Nancy Pelosi scheme to bypass an actual vote on the Senate bill, as required by the Constitution
and decency in government is explained in an article in the LA Times today. Essentially it is a a trick of
the Speaker of the House saying she is taking the place of the House of Representatives and deciding by herself
what the laws will be. She's a con-woman from the getgo. And California, did she ever once come there
to see the damage of the earthquakes or the fires that burned half the state in 2008, or any natural disaster?
She is not a resident of California but of Washington DC and she votes for inside the beltway buy-votes tactics
of her 'party" affiliation. Read the Los Angeles Times' article at:,0,5444221.story/
And there is an article in the Washington Post today also discussing the states rights and the constitutionality of the proposed health care bill, at:;
and article in the Buffalo {NY] news today includes this quote:
"Many of the provisions in "Obamacare" also are in the Massachusetts health reform plan often
cited as a model for universal coverage. Under that state expansion, though, costs haven't worked
out the way they were supposed to. The program is $47 million over budget and costs are 27 percent
higher than the national average. Health insurance premiums are increasing at the rate of
30 percent a year. Hospitals are in turmoil and three of the state's four major health insurers
lost money." it is a good article and exposes some of the Obama lies, read it at:
And also read my comments on these blogs of mine :
Update at 12:38 Pm, same day after reading article about how the health care bill has the goal of expanding abortion. Quotes from Representatives who won't vote for health care bill
because it expands abortion [and thank GOD!]:
"But Representative Anh Cao of Louisiana,
the only Republican who voted for the bill in November, said he could
not support the current
measure because of its “expansion of abortion, an absolute moral evil".
And also : "At a news conference on Saturday morning, 13 House Republican freshmen
assailed the measure. “Let’s kill this bill,” said Representative
Cynthia M. Lummis, Republican of Wyoming."
And also this quote:
"Democrats are considering a procedure that would allow the House to
pass the Senate bill without taking a direct up-or-down vote —
a maneuver that Republicans continued to denounce on Saturday.

Representative Joe L. Barton, Republican of Texas, described that
procedure as “a sleight-of-hand subterfuge” that would allow
lawmakers to avoid accountability. “This process corrupts and
prostitutes the system” and
could “unleash a cultural war” over the legislation, Mr. Barton said."
Article is at:
12:35 PM 3/20/2010
Update at 2:34Pm same day :
From article in Yahoo News from AP about health care overhaul at 2:29 PM:
" I quote: "On the other side of the ledger, Reps. Michael Arcuri of
New York and Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts became the first Democratic
former supporters to announce their intention to oppose the bill."
To these : "three anti-abortion Democrats — Reps. Kathy Dahlkemper
and Chris Carney of Pennsylvania, and Steven Driehaus of Ohio* I say hold the fort, don't vote for a ruinous plan for the nation. Don't sacrifice children to get along with Pelosi.

* All three of these had voted in November for Stupak's strict limits on abortion funding."
Update at 7:49pm after watching some of the news videos on CNN. This one in particular :
with Rep Joseph Cao of Louisiana standing firm in his committment to vote no even though 2 press agents sort of badgered him. He explains that there are loopholes in the bill that would allow federal money to be used to pay for abortions. CNN has several news videos this evening and another one I liked was the John Boehner video of him briefly explaining to America why it is bad bill. I am praying that Boehner, and Cao, and Carney of Pennsylvania and Driehaus of Ohio, and Dahlkemper and Arcuri and Lynch, and Barton, and Lummis,and John Linder of Ga, and all of GA delegation will vote no to the plan to kill off the future of America. Of course I am praying that all republicans and all who believe there is a GOD and HE is not Obama, to vote no on a plan that has loopholes to kill innocents!
Update at 8:36 PM after watching a campaign video about Sen Barbara Boxer from California. You should definitely watch it too, at:
I personally distrust all prodeath people and Boxer is one of the worst.


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